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    Is there a Luke to go with this Yoda??

    I just bought a POTF2 Yoda with backpack I was planning to keep carded. When the card arrived the card was in pretty bad shape. I already have a loose one in my Yoda display, I was wondering if they produced a Luke that would wear the Yoda backpack. Anyone know??

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    The Yoda backpack goes well with the POTF Luke Dagobah.
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    Luke Dagobah is even sculpted specifically to balance while wearing the backpack with Yoda in it. Mind you, this one is 8 years old so it doesn't work as well as Ceremony Luke's balancing, this requires patience to get it standing though mine stood for years during earthquakes until I put all my rebel figs on stands.
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    thanks guys. I'll have to pick one up off Ebay I guess. Sounds like I'll need a stand too. Any other suggestions??

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    protech figure stands on e-bay. look under MDS Sports
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