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    Angry I hate exclusives.

    exclusives are getting harder to find these days. retailers are not ordering them in as much quantity any more. These happen to be the best ships and figs to date. As an exsample, FAO, over priced, YES, but the tyderium. this is a cool ship, a must have. B-wing ect. You really have to have money to enjoy collecting Star Wars these days. Most of us work and have to get these on the secondary market. i just wish there was an easier way.
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    exclusives be damned, I can't even find the regular figures that are supposed to be in stores, people like, I don't know, say, EPHANT MON! I voted for him, and where is he?

    Exclusives do suck too, though, esp. a place like FAO. I live no where near an FAO, so I got gouged on shipping that behemoth.
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    I don't like exclusives that much. I've been lucky enough to get all the Star Wars ones so far. I passed on the Shuttle (on purpose)because of the unnesessary price tag.
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    Yes exclusives=V.V.V.V.V.V.H.T.F.

    BTW, I just got my Skiff yesterday! I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and there aren't any Target's on the Island! Not to mention the fact that I'm way tooooo cheap to spend $50-$60 for a Skiff. Luckily I open all of my ships and found one loose for $25.00 (thanks dr-evazan22 )

    Anyhow, I did bite the bullet, and ordered the shuttle from Brian's. This is my first time ordering from them, but with this thing I wanna buy from a reputable dealer, and FAO was sold out when I finally had the money to buy it.

    I figured $150.00 isn't too bad, considering the lateness of the order plus $15.00 for shipping. I did have some trouble ordering from the website, but the phone support was outstanding. BTW, they asked which version of IE I was running and it wasn't a compatability probleme.

    Yes, exclusives are a pain, and frustrating to obtain sometimes. Unfortunatly, somtimes it's the only way we will ever see that item made.
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    I loved the details of the shuttle, but i was totally put off by the price! Sigh. I wish I was rich hahaha...

    Yes exclusives are really a pain and people will take the chance to up their prices due to the fact that they are exclusives. Sometimes I wonder abt the intentions and purpose of having exclusives.
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    I want the Imperial shuttle so bad! But I am not willing to shell out the big bucks for one. (not yet anyway) I think that it is the best vehicle/ship made in the new line.

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    It looks like the Convention in Mexico is going to have an Exclusive Yak-Face figure. That one may be hard to get unless you could order it with tickets. (I know I'm not going all the way to Mexico for a figure, but I'd shell out an extra $10 for a ticket I'll never use for an exclusive figure.)

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    Interesting if they did this. I wonder if someone will contact the Mexian fan club and find out. Heck, this might even give Hasbro enough forwarning so that they actually might produce enough so everyone who orders a ticket gets one.

    But knowing how Hasbro works, they'll only make 2000 and hand them out if you actually attend the show. They will then appear on eBay for $200+.
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    I read all the time about people complaining about the price of the schuttle so i thought I'd ask, what would be a payable price?

    I know it was expecnsive. Although I bought the bullet and paid for it. The $15 shipping scked, but considering it's two hours to the nearest FAO, it'd cost me $15 to get there and back, and not a guarantee of finding one, some of us luck out and have an FAO in town but for those of us that don't theats the breaks of not lving in a major area so shipping isn't an issue IMO

    Yes this item is pricey, but we've know about it since June folks! If you would have preorderd it them you would have only saved $5 a week (considering the aprox 30 weeks from when we heard about to when it shipped).

    $5, Man, that's just like eliminating a trip to the locla fastfood restaurant, a drink at a bar, etc...

    I agree Star wars collecting (completism) can broke you quick. Since April of last year, I've basically collected everything from POTF-2,EP1, POTJ, and Saga. I see the bills I know what I've payed. Although maybe this item is out of the league of people not willing to pay the price. It really irks me when people intentionally wait out an item, thinking they'll be able to get it cheaper when the price drops, then miss out and then complain about availability. Unless your relatively new to the hoppy or were a contestant on Survivor the past 6 months, this item has been in at least 3 FAO catelogs, and on these forums at least once every other week.
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    Originally posted by Banthaholic
    what would be a payable price?

    I know it was expecnsive. Although I bought the bullet and paid for it. The $15 shipping scked, but considering it's two hours to the nearest FAO, it'd cost me $15 to get there and back, and not a guarantee of finding one
    First off, FAO should never have been the retailer to get this exclusive. They've badly mismanaged previous Star Wars exclusives and there's no reason to reward a retailer who is actively going out of business.

    I've always thought of FAO as a catalog retailer with a few stores rather than a store retailer that also has a catalog. In that respect, paying $15 for shipping over driving to the nearest FAO is a given to me no matter where you live.

    As for what a reasonable price should have been here, I think the most they should have asked would be $50 to $70. Hasbro is using a tool that they didn't have to pay anyone to design or make since Kenner did all that long before Hasbro bought them. Hasbro probably had someone take some cursory reworking to the tool to make sure it was usable and to remove the areas around the electronics, but that's much cheaper than original design and moldmaking. So really, the main cost to Hasbro is the materials, manufacturing, and packaging - I can see this thing costing Hasbro $25 at most per unit, cheaper if they had a larger run. Ultimately, we're paying for Hasbro to make a little profit and FAO to make a massive profit per unit but less in overall sales (which is after all exactly what they have done in the past).
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