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    Ep1 left in the dust

    hay folks when are we going to get some new ep1 dudes like a new littel anakin or battel damage qui-gon ok ok we have a enough mauls to start an army,but there was a lot of cool background guys in phatom whos up for some more ep1
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    I always thought the coolest EP1 background character to make a figure of was the Souveneer Vendor fromt he pod race stands.
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    Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a ne better Qui-Gon Jinn, just sculpted properly.
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    So far we have...

    Darth Maul (repack...upcoming)
    Darth Maul (concept)
    Eeth Koth (repack)
    Lott Dod
    Lott Dod Nute Gungay Hologram (upcoming???)
    Qui Gon Jinn
    Teemto Pagalies
    Yoda (repaint and repack...with a lightsaber)

    That's only 8 EP1 figures, and only 6 have actually hit the shelves, not to mention that 2 of those is a repack.

    So, yes, I would say it's time for some new EP1 Figures. I like the pod pilots and I think Hasbro should crank out more of them. I also want to see more Jedi Council Members (most of these could double as EP1 or EP2 figures).

    Then to spice it up, a few background characters, just about anyone except the "Storm's comming Ani" old lady.

    I also think they should stay away from the kid figures. We already have, or will get more than enough. I say stay away from the rug rats.
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    Yeah, there are a few neat ones not done yet. That "corrupt" jedi with the b/w face from tatooine (used in EU, can't remember name), Gragra(SP?) (the seller of the frogs on tatooine), an "ET" Senator (should have been done to honor ET's anniversary last year, imo) included in an epI Senators Screen Scene w Wookie Senator and maybe a Malastari as well, pod racer pilots w pods,
    Naboo Pilot w trench coat from the hangar rescue scene, etc.

    epI was pretty good for neat characters. Churn em out!!!

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    Forget concepts or resculpts I'm all for your idea. Episode I stuff is ready to be placed on my shelf as long as their not unleashed sculpts.
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    We defintley need some new EP1 stuff. I say make a new Sio Bibble, and a few others that came out late. Even make the Hutts and a Bib Fortuna as well. I am tired of getting Mauls. I don't think another Anakin is necessary either. Just my $0.02
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    How about a Sith Infiltrator??? I'd definitely buy one of those. Cool ship.

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    I agree...I want to see more of the droids that tried to help repair the queens ship (besides r2-b1 or r2-d2). And I want to see the rest of the jedi council from ep1. And some more aliens from Tatooine...and more pod racers!!!!!
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    I'd enjoy seeing:

    - Jabba the Hutt
    - Kitster and Wald 2-pack
    - Trade Federation Communications Officer
    - Remaining Podracers
    - Remaining Jedi Council Members
    - Destroyer Droid w/energy shield
    - Amidala's Handmaidens (orange cloaks)
    - Wookie Senator
    - Malistare Senator


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