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    They should make a movie about SSG . . .

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    Originally posted by Caesar
    They should make a movie about SSG . . .
    They did. It's called "Trekkies."

    Oops, sorry. That's those other nerds.

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    Originally posted by Caesar
    They should make a movie about SSG . . .
    Only if I'm cast as myself. Woody Harrelson is now too old to play me.
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    If Battlestar Galactica were made into a movie, it should be a sequel with Apollo and Starbuck in charge of a new generation of fighters. Purge Galactica 1980 from memory!!

    I would love to see a movie version of The Prisoner.

    Also, a new Twin Peaks movie, and this time have it focus on Agent Cooper!! Too bad the actor who played Killer BOB is dead.

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    They should make a movie about SSG . .
    They did it's called Starwoids. There's another one that I haven't seen, but I think is very similar called a Galaxy Far Far Away.

    Battlestar Galactica was in the works some time ago. I remeber seeing a picture of what the cylons would have loooked like. I'll have to find that photo. I'm also pretty sure that it is now being considered (again) for a film. Somebody posted it here not too long ago. The thing that sticks in my mind is that Starbuck may be changed to a woman. I know Richard (Apollo) Hatch was trying to get a film made that was faithful to the show, but Glenn Larson said no one would want to go see it.

    Matt Groeing once said he was planning on doing a Simpsons movie in which Bart would loose his virginity.

    Fat Albert was also in the works to become a film starring Forrest Whitaker.


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    Re: What else could be made into a movie?

    Originally posted by Fulit
    and, while they're making freakin' COMIC STRIPS from the PAPER into movies, why not make a feature film about Hagar the Horrible or Beetle Bailey? Heck, lets give Hi and Lois their own reality series!
    They've been making movies out of comic strips for many, many years. Lil Abner was made into a film in 1940 and that strip sucks! This trend is nothing new, Hollywood has always ripped off other media for their films.

    Originally posted by stillakid
    They just aired a new Baywatch TV movie last week.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I think that the best way to do a Green Lantern movie is to concentrate on Kyle getting the ring much in the way he did in the comics(randomly), but then altering and/or shortening DC history so the plot would entail Klye learning of the greatest superhero that ever lived(Hal) and finding out that he went bad and saving him! It could be done as a drama/dark mystery that Klye could goes on, where his adventures take him to the limit in finding Hal and discovering the reasons for his fall from grace! Hal always lurking in the shadows never seeing him and never knowing if he's pulling Kyle's strings or watching over him!
    This would allow the Redemption of Hal Jordan to establish his importance in the DC mythos next to Batman and Superman, and why he really is one of the most powerful and bravest/truest hero's there has ever been. For these same reasons, It also would allow a sequel to be released showing Hal's original story from when he first got the ring and then many sequels to follow showing Hals adventures while introducing the other Gl's like Guy Gardner, and John Stewart possibly even The Corps!
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