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    Who watched "Are you Hot?" ?!?

    The show is ridiculous! But the girls were EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY HOT!!!!!!

    Especially "Cari"...

    Hey, it beats waiting for Hasbro to posts the new Luke Jedi pics! Check out the contestants at

    Hubba Hubba!
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    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    I just looked through the cast, and I was not impressed at all. While most of them aren't BAD, they aren't any hotter than most of the chicks on other shows, or that I went to college with.

    Some of the girls are so skinny, they look like skeletons. I think one of them was 5'7" and 107 lbs! A few definately have eating disorders.

    I don't know where ABC found these people, but they would have been better off taking people who were cut on American Idol.
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    i didn't and won't watch this or any reality program.

    .....but this looks like a ripoff of something howard stern does on his show. he gets a panel of guys together and they determine how hot a girl is. say what you want about howard stern, but he is the one who had the idea for an ozzy reality show, and now he's being ripped off again!

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    I watched the opening sequence. . . that was all I could handle. This is quite possibly the worst show ever. Reality TV shows are the devil. They continually amaze me. When I think I've seen the stupidest thing possible. . . they do this. . . unbelievable.
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    My fianc&eacutee watched a few minutes of this as I kept saying, "You've had bad taste in TV before, but this is ridiculous."
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    So that is what that show was!?! I saw about 30 seconds of it last night. Just another pointless program to go along with all of the 'un'reality shows.
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    Skanks and stupid people... all of them. Sick, sad excuse for entertainment. Just like strippers... I say, why the heck should I give you a dollar because you look good. Do something to really impress me and I'll give you that dollar!
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