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    What else could be made into a movie?

    Since Hollywood has abandoned creativity and originality in favor of making old T.V. shows and cartoons into movies, I thought we could make up a list of other shows to make into bad movies.

    And yes, the Garfield thing inspired this.

    Here's my current list:

    Mama's Family
    Sanford and Son
    Small Wonder (I could actually see this being done)

    and, while they're making freakin' COMIC STRIPS from the PAPER into movies, why not make a feature film about Hagar the Horrible or Beetle Bailey? Heck, lets give Hi and Lois their own reality series!

    Apparently, this is all it takes to be a "writer" in Hollywood, so I'll be moving out there soon to start my new career rehasing other peoples ideas.
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    Red Dwarf: The Movie is coming 2004. I have no faith in this movie though .
    Friends is also becoming a movie.

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    A show I liked a lot was M*A*S*H.
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    I would like to see a Simpsons movie. If done right they could make it hilarious. Leave it with no bad language or anything but give them a good plot.
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    Personally, I'm waiting for a Green Lantern movie!!!

    I think a live actor simed with CGI Transformers movie could be done very well, but also could be a HUGE disappointment.

    but actually I'm surprised, shocked even, that a Fat Albert movie hasn't been done!!!
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    In case you didn't know, MASH was a movie before it was a TV show.

    Happy Days the movie, with cameos of Laverne and Shirley

    Welcome Back, Kotter. Everyone loves John Travolta now

    I could see Beetle Bailey now...John Goodman as Sarge and that Arquette guy as Beetle.

    I would like a Simpson's movie, eventually.
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    Knight Rider
    All in the Family
    Charles in Charge
    I Love Lucy
    Family Matters
    Diff'rent Strokes
    Facts of Life
    Gimmie A Break
    A Different World
    Married With Children
    BJ and the Bear
    21 Jumpstreet
    The Jeffersons
    Absolutely Fabulous
    Babylon 5
    What's Happenin'
    Good Times
    One Day At A Time

    and more
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    super knight rider 3000 is coming out some time in the near future...
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