View Poll Results: Which character not yet "Unleashed" do you want to see sculpted this way?

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  • Lando Calrissian

    42 3.76%
  • Chewbacca

    356 31.87%
  • Qui-Gon Jinn

    116 10.38%
  • Emperor's Royal Guard

    130 11.64%
  • Battle Droid

    4 0.36%
  • Geonosian Warrior

    8 0.72%
  • Wampa Ice Creature

    102 9.13%
  • Destroyer Droid

    19 1.70%
  • Tusken Raider

    50 4.48%
  • Nexu Battle Beast

    18 1.61%
  • Super Battle Droid

    2 0.18%
  • Imperial Stormtrooper

    270 24.17%
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    CHEWBACCA, hands down, well for me at least.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Leia in her white Bespin (Chasing after the Imperials to get to Han) Outfit. A classic pose of her running with the Imperial blaster, kinda like the gamepiece figure in the Epic Duels board game.
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    If people show interest in the non-core characters, it could happen.
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    I can think of lots of great ideas that weren't on your poll. There Wicket, Jabba, R2, Tarkin, Owen and Beru twin-pack, The Max Rebo band, Mon Mothma, Ugnaughts, Greedo, Spider-Man, Orn Fre Ta, Wuher, and that nice lady that told Anakin that the storm was coming.

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    I voted for Stormtrooper but where's the Clonetrooper on that list? I'd like that even more (they could do him kinda like the Kotobuyika (sp?) clonetrooper)
    but the Destroyer Droid would be my third choice since I still want an accurate Droideka and the Unleashed figs/statues are pretty good in accuracy, they could give him some blasting bolts and an arena base
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    While I voted for Royal Guard, I'd likely pick up a Stormtrooper if done not attacking, rather if he was getting the snot blown out of this:

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    I don't know. I voted for Qui-Gon. Alot of those characters have a good shot at being made. A few I can't see making because they didn't do much in the movies.
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    If people show interest in the non-core characters, it could happen.

    I can only hope. While I'm most anticipating Q-G J from the list I decidided it would be more fair to vote for someone that is likely not to happen (Chewy, Lando, Stormie, Q-G are all likely)... so I've got the 1 for the Geonosian Warrior! I prefer to think we'd see Poggle, but I'll take whatever I can get.

    What I'd really like to see is a few more of these per year, at least 12. Oh yeah, that and Tuan We unleashed.
    - HkChicago

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    unleash the imperials!

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    A line of Unleashed Bounty Hunters would be awesome.

    But I vote Chewie- a blasted Stormtrooper like Stillakid proposed would be cool to.

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    stormtrooper fan at heart. even better would be to make regular stormtrooper, sandtrooper and snowtrooper. not on the poll but my personal choice - bounty hunters.


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