View Poll Results: After seeing the pics from the Collectors Event, how do you rate the Clone Wars line?

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  • It's awesome! I can't wait to get these new items!

    154 32.98%
  • It's better than I expected. I'll buy them to complete a collection.

    113 24.20%
  • Pretty decent, though I'm not that impressed. I may get some.

    99 21.20%
  • Ugggh. I dread some of the newest additions to the toy line. I'm not buying these.

    58 12.42%
  • I can't say now. I have to wait until I see them in person to decide.

    43 9.21%
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    After seeing the pics from the Collectors Event, how do you rate the Clone Wars line?

    In the past few days since last weekend, Steve just put up a ton more images from Hasbro's Clone Wars Line.

    At the special Collectors' Event Hasbro told him they want to know what you all think.

    After seeing the detailed pictures from the Hasbro Collectors Event, how do you rate the Clone Wars line?

    (I dig the ARC Trooper, new Anakin and Obi-Wan - and their versitality), and I can't wait to get Anakin's custom Jedi Starfighter!)

    Thanks for getting those pictures, Steve!!!
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    They look great. The only one that I'm not super impressed with is Durge, but he does look intresting from his apperance in the next issue of the comic. The ARC Trooper looks great, I'll be buying multiples of him. I'm glad they went with a regular CloneTrooper style, instead of the buffed look from the front of Dark Horse's Comics.

    My only real complaint about the line, is that the Obi-Wan is the first really good one. But he won't work for E2 scenes, due to the cargo pockets on his tunic and pants. And the added armor to the top of his boots. He really points out a need for a good E2 Obi-Wan. But this one still looks damn good.

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    Pretty decent, but not superb. I like some of them, like the Clonetroopers, Droideka set, ARC troop, but that's it. Instead of those "generic" Jedi's, I really hoped to see some recognizable Jedi's like:

    -Quinlan Vos
    -Master K'Kruhk (Minotaur-looking big guy in the Mace comic)
    -Master Bulq (Weequay Jedi)

    However, I'm anticipating the release of the Sith Witch (Asajj Ventress) though. Hope she looks good, and not like Aurra Sing. And please don't make her "unleashed" posed like Luminara Unduli. Neutral is fine.

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    I'm looking forward to a lot of them, like the Clone Trooper (Arc), the Starfighter, Jedi etc. I havenít made my mind up about Durge just yet; I'll have to wait until I see him up close to really decide. Other than that 2003 looks to be a good year in both lines (Saga/Clone Wars)

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    It's better than I expected. I'll buy them to complete a collection.

    Yeah, that is what I believe about this line. I wasn't expecting much, and I got more than I was expecting.
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    It doesn't really matter to me if i like them or not,im compelled to buy them.
    I'm way past the point of being able to like..pick and choose with my collecting sickness.
    I mean..i would love to say..
    "hmm i don't need another Battle droid just because this one is slightly different from the other 15 i have i think i'll not buy him".
    There is no choice for me,if it's made i need to have it.
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    I hear you karinations, I feel the same way. I did however pass up on a few of the different variations on the EPI battle droid, I was happy with just one or two of those. This next set of figures and vehicles does look pretty good, now where am I going to put all this stuff? :happy:
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    You can count me in on these figures. If they make it half as good as the SOTE storyline and make good toys and games, i'll support this part of the Saga with a grin. way to go hasbro!
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    I like the vehicles, but the figures don't do much for me. The Rodian Jedi from the 3pack even recycles Kit Fitso's lower half. I just hope the line doesn't tank so those vehicles get released.
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    I too suffer from the "Collect them all!" disease. Slap that phrase on anything and I'll buy everything I can find of that set. Thankfully I really like a lot of the figures and ships to come out of this line so far. The troop builder sets are a fantastic idea and the ARC trooper looks really cool as well. Durge is the only one who bugs me. He just doesn't have a very "Star Wars" look about him. Maybe once I see him in the comics or the cartoon this fall I'll be able to decide a bit better.


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