View Poll Results: How do you feel about there being Star Wars short cartoons?

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  • Bring them on! I can't wait to watch Cartoon Network!

    257 48.40%
  • I'll set up a VCR and maybe get around to watching them.

    43 8.10%
  • Will there be a DVD, or some broadcast length special? I'll wait.

    165 31.07%
  • I could care less - it's better watching my Wal*Mart's employees stock toys.

    48 9.04%
  • I think I'll wait and see what everyone else says before deciding.

    18 3.39%
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    How do you feel about there being Star Wars short cartoons?

    It looks like the Clone Wars are coming to TV.

    "Shorts" are supposed to be intermission timed cartoons, put in during the time commercials are normally run, and instead these adventure clips run just a little longer than your average commercial break I gather.

    Subscription-package cable channels like the cartoon network don't rely on advertising so much, since they get cable-company user fees I think.

    Thus there can be Star Wars shorts in between 15 minute cartoon segments of another cartoon show.

    It is expected that television guides will list when the Star Wars segments will air (during what programs), but I'm not sure how many segments will air per day, and if they should be viewed in any particular order, like a serial drama, or if the same one will be repeated each day, and then the new one airs in the next 24 hours.

    It sounds like a lot of trouble to go to understand all this and view these cartoons.

    I'm going to see how hard it is to tape these 'toons, and if it causes an inconvenience or a pile of video tapes to start forming, I'll just ignore this material until a broadcast special, VHS, or DVD release comes out.

    I would have so much more preferred a 30-minute solid SW cartoon show on its own. If successful, they could finally do Shadows of the Empire this way, since Han was frozen and they wouldn't need Harrison at his prices, but Mark and Carrie, plus James Earl Jones could lend their voice talents to it and finally make that adventure between Empire and Jedi a reality. But while we're more on the topic of the Clone Wars, I want to see so much more than just snipets!

    What do you all think?
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    I look at it this way, it's better than having no cartoon series at all. I'm eagerly awaiting the shorts.
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    My cable company doesn't offer cartoon network and has no plans to add any more channels. So, I guess I'll have to wait. I'm sure they'll be released on video at some point (you can't blame Mr. Lucas for making a buck anywhere he can.) Even if I switch to a satellite receiver, I don't think I'd want to sit there through random cartoons to see a 2 minutes clone wars short.

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    My cable company doesnt' offer cartoon network yet it was just bought out by Comcast so who knows. I'd rather hope for a dvd. Either that or a 30 min cartoon rather than the 2-3 minute shorts.
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    I hope they release them on DVD. There is no way i will be able to check them all out if not.
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    From the still shots I've seen the animation looks like it might be a little lackluster. But I'm willing to give it a shot anyway, a good soundtrack and SE can make up for the animation real easy. I don't watch much tv so the chances of me catching it are slim. Probably wait for the dvd.


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    "I want to see so much more than just snipets! "

    C'mon! The fact that there is going to be new, actual produced material that relates to the Star Wars story and doesn't rely on goofy, non-movie characters to drive a story should be enough, shouldn't it? These forums continually rub me the wrong way... "I want this, I want that, more more, Lucas did this wrong, this toy isn't how I want it, why isn't there this figure or why can't they make this cartoon more user-friendly for ME ME ME."

    Star Wars fandom is something everyone here chooses to be a part of, so to constantly bemoan all of the 'shortcomings' of all the tie-in products and entertainment that is being produced for you seems a little weak. Just be glad you aren't Battlestar Galactica fans!


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    I gave up on cable years ago so I no longer have it.

    I'm not over excited about a cartoon short, and I wasn't about to change my life schedule to try and catch a 2 min or 5 minuet short anyway, so I'll just wait for a DVD or something.

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    I've decided I am not going to judge the show until I see it. Of couse I'm a bit forgetful and cartoon's and TV in general aren't usually high on my priority list. So, I will probably miss a lot of the shows and will have to wait until I see the entire series when they have a "marathon" or when it comes on DVD. Bottom line: I'm not that excited about these and I'll see them when I see them.
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    I'll try and tape them (along with everything else I tape!) I'll cross my fingers for a DVD collection at some point.

    Still, a SW cartoon -- shorts or long form -- is better than no SW cartoon at all!


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