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Thread: DVD "Mystery"!

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    DVD "Mystery"!

    UUUGGGGHHHHH...OK, forget about having trouble just downloading the "mystery" trailer, WHY THE HELL CAN'T I GET MY EPI DVD TO WORK IN MY PC?!!!!!!!

    anyone else having this problem, I mean how can we access the web to see the trailer if I keep getting 'please insert disc into drive 1' UUUGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just wondering?

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    Re: DVD "Mystery"!

    Originally posted by The 'Xir
    Firstly, take it out of the microwave and put it into your PC,it SHOULD work now
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    Microwave?!!! Faachhh that Mate! I got meself a toasta

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    At the risk of making one or both of us sound like you have it in your DVD-rom? My PC has a DVD and CD-rom, so you might have accidentally put it in the wrong one. Do you have a DVD-rom at all? Is your power turned on? Is your internet hooked up? Do you have internet? (Laugh. That was a joke. I swear, if I didn't say something, someone would have gotten on here and said "Of course he has internet. he couldn't post here without internet..." Like that's not obvious. You obviously don't understand my subtle humor. Well, some of you do, but mostly these new guys don't realize that SOME OF US are the end all be all Star Wars experts and we feign ignorance of Star Wars lore because it's funny to appear ignorant, but some doofus newbie will get on here and say...well, let me give you an example. Let's say somebody asks what Vader's real name is and ONE OF US says "Gertrude? Lucius? Algernon?" Right? With me so far? WE get it. But some other guy will come in here and say "uhhhh...Vader's real name in Analkin..." as if THAT WASN'T OBVIOUS. What?? where was I? oh right...) other than that I can't help ya Xir...

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    hehehehe i cant agree with u more on that Rollo!! Actually there are lots of threads on which we make a joke and the guy who doesnt get the joke gets mad, and curses the site, saying that they will never return, we hate SW, etc. etc....BUT thats all GNT'S fault cuzz he said he was going to be the guide to all the new members, so u see...hehehe...oh wait har har har thats better!!
    As always...........L

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    Rollo...Uuuhhhhhh... ok, ummmm uuhhh.. thanX I think, I mean...

    I'm starting to think this computer doesn't have a DVD! You'll have to Xcuse me but ya see the Apt that I live in here, we have 2 computer's 2 dvd players, 3 Vcr's, and 5 televisions! A virtuL MEDIA BLITZ!!!
    This is my roomates Comp that I use to get on the net, and I always assumed it had a dvd player but I guess I was wrong!


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    It usually says on the drive weather it's a cd-rom, dvd-rom, or a cd burner/ cd rw.


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