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    Zahn's Next Book

    i read somewhere that Tim Zahn is writing a book based on Thrawn when he was a young commander for the Chiss military and the destruction of the Outbound Flight Project. Does anybody know the progress of this and does this mean that Zahn is going to be writing about prequal characters like Anakin and Padme instead of the OT characters? Also, when did the destruction of the Outbound Flight Project take place? Clone wars?
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    I read something about this a while back, but don't remember the names or release dates off-hand. Zahn's writing two new books, one set in the Clone Wars and the other during the brief period between the Union comic series and Vector Prime

    The first deals with a young Thrawn and how he destroys the Outbound Project and comes to the attention of Palpatine. I suspect this will clear up a few seeming discrepancies between Zahn's earlier descriptions of the Clone Wars and what the Clone Wars are actually turning out to be.

    In the other, the Chiss have discovered the remains of Outbound Project and invite Luke and Mara to investigate it. This should let our "present day" heroes learn quite a bit about their heritage (along the lines of what I expect Tatooine Ghost to do in a few short days), and explain why Luke suddenly knows there even was a Jedi Council by the time Vector Prime rolls around.

    These being by Zahn and pre-dating the NJO, I expect co-starring roles from Corran Horn, Kieran Halcyon, Jag Fel, Pellaeon, Elegos A'kla, Jorus (and possibly Joruus) C'Baoth, and Rogue Squadron.
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    At the NJO writers symposium at SW Celebration 2, one of the publishing company reps hinted that Zahn may be writing a book for the NJO arc. That was almost a year ago and I haven't heard or read anything else on the matter.

    I thoroughly enjoy Zahn's books.

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    Originally posted by OC47150
    At the NJO writers symposium at SW Celebration 2, one of the publishing company reps hinted that Zahn may be writing a book for the NJO arc. That was almost a year ago and I haven't heard or read anything else on the matter.
    There are only four more books in the NJO series, and it's wrapping up in November. (Thankfully, because otherwise there might not be any galaxy left. ) Maybe the reps got confused by these two hardcovers he's writing for 2004 and 2005 release.
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    I wonder where it'll go after NJO? They do have the Clone Wars, but what'll the OT characters do after NJO?
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    BIG NEWS!!!

    The Official Site has some info on Survivor's Quest and the cover online now!

    From the Official Site
    Fan favorite and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn returns to the Star Wars universe with Survivor's Quest, an exciting and dangerous adventure featuring Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker.

    The story begins with a message from a surprising source: Nirauan, the planet where Thrawn, dangerous disciple of Emperor Palpatine, once held sway; and from which Luke and Mara barely escaped with their lives. After fifty years, the remains of Outbound Flight -- a pioneering Jedi expedition viciously destroyed by Thrawn -- have been found on Nirauan. Now, the fiercely honor-bound aliens who reside there wish to turn over the remnants of the doomed mission to the New Republic.

    Joining Luke and Mara Jade on their strange journey are an officer of the post-Palpatine Empire, escorted by a detachment of Imperial stormtroopers; a party of diplomats from a gentle alien species that reveres the fallen Jedi for saving them from blood-thirsty conquerors; and a New Republic ambassador who harbors his own mysterious agenda. Survivor's Quest hardcover novel is scheduled for release on February 2004.
    Ooh, I can't wait! I'm getting all giddy!!
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    Great news!

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    That Celebration II symposium also strongly hinted at a novel centered on Boba Fett's involvement during the Yuzhan Vong war. Apparently he was in cahoots with the Peace Brigade and they double cross him and he has to open a can of clone whupass on them and his efforts indirectly tip the war in favor of the Republic, but noone ever knows about it. So in effect, Fett wins the war for the good guys...
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    Are you being serious, EP? (I think so, but just want to be sure.) I think it'd be cool if, before he finally dies of old age, Boba Fett fights alongside the Jedi against the Yuuzhan Vong.

    But if it goes down like you describe. . . wow. That would be a serious spanner in the works. I guess the Yuuzhan Vong incursion could be referred to as Clone War II.
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    Boba Fett fighting along side the Jedi? Have you read the young Boba Fett books? He's none too friendly with the Jedi.
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