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    Thumbs up Spike from Buffy to play Young Tarkin?

    Dark Horizons is reporting that someone may be very close to being cast as our favorite gaunt Imperial Officer during his early years. According to the site, James Marsters who plays Spike on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is rumored for the role. I think he's an excellent choice, as he has that skull sort of face. I do think he looks very Tarkinesque.

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    That's a very good match. It is better than Sir Alec Guiness and Ewen McGreggor.

    I am glad they are putting Tarkin in Episode 3. I don't think it is very clear how important he is in ANH.
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    I agree...Tarkin has a BIG role but yet so little screen time. I am satisfied with this "Spike" being Tarkin...looks similar. Can't wait to see him in EP3!!!!!!!
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    Works for me.... BRING ON THE NEXT MOVIE!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry I think he's just a little too young! If there is only 15-20 years between EpIII & IV, they need to find an actor in his 50's so that would justify Peter Cushings "age" in ANH be around 65-70!!! They could get away with someone in their 40's also!
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    That's what make-up is for. Have you seen how well old age make-up works in movies where it's used. He's got the general facial features. He just needs aged a bit.

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    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great choice, but isn't James about a foot taller than Peter Cushing.
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    Definately an excellent choice.
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    I thought Ricky McC said we would not see OT characters like Tarkin, Han, and Mon Mothma in Ep3...?


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