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Thread: Boba's voice

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    Boba's voice

    I know this is pushing it a little, but after watching AOTC this morning ( I had the day off ) I got to wondering if they should redo all of Boba's line with Jango's tone like all the Clonetroopers had. I mean it does make sense, after all he is a clone of Jango. I think it would really give the true feel of his character, knowing what we now know of him and his past.
    So, leave it or change it?
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    Nah, the voice is fine. He's a young boy in AOTC's, and your accent comes from your environment and your upbringing. Not genetically. Besides just like Jango, his voice is processed thru a speaker in his helmet.

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    Agreed. No reason to change, just leave it. But if it is decided that it will be changed fo the AE's then I'm cool with that too.

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    Also, remember Boba is an unaltered and unmodified clone of Jango, so as JJ stated above his voice would develop as a result of him growing up in his surroundings naturally and could easily be different! Although it sounds as if he has an accent in AOTC, people move to new areas(as I'm sure he will in EPIII seeing as he is on his own now) and when they do their accents often change! His voice in the OT is just fine!

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    I think he should change the OT. With the non-release of the original versions of the OT, it is clear that he intends on altering those films even more than he already has, so while he's at it, he might as well go all the way and try to close as many of those continuity gaps as possible. Boba's voice is one. Stormtrooper voices are another. Midichlorian references are another. Qui Gon references are another. I say do 'em all.

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    I say leave it be. I agree with JJB that environment has alot to do with your accent. My step-son was born in Va. and he speaks with a NewYork accecnt because he hears me talking alot.
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    It also sounded a bit vocoded too. There's a comlink in that helmet, right?? And possibly, he might have a vocoder in there to change the voice to conceal his identity more.
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    Geez, Boba Fett only had a couple lines in the OT, so why bother.

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    Why not bother? Lucas made the HUGE mistake of having Greedo fire first. Geez!!

    It's just MPO on a small part of a great character.
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    If not Boba, then change the troopers' voices. Provided they are still made on Kamino, and hear the Kaminoans talking, they would have accents. Yeah.
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