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    Question Boba Fett Variant

    I saw this on Ebay today
    I was wondering what it is really worth.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Its worth as much as you want to spend on it. Its a production error, but Boba Fett errors seem to always be in demand. Brian's Toys has a similar one on a US Freeze Frame, and has a hefty price tag on it (not sure off the top of my head, but check the site.) Being that this one is on a Canadian Card it shouldn't go as high as a US version, but it will probobly still fetch $100 - $200.

    The figure looks out of place in the bubble, too. . . namely the head turned to the side. Not saying that it is, becuase I have no idea, but it could be a fake/custom. You should always be careful with figures like this, there are some unbelievable fakes out there, and most fakes are of production errors, with Fett being the most abundant.
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