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    Darth Vader Bespin

    Has anyone else had issues with Vader's left arm (the one reaching out) staying up? Meaning if I put out his arm as if he's reaching for Luke, it just falls down by his side. Do I have a flawed figure or are they all like that?

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    Flawed arm? The whole figure is Flawed. It looks much better in the package. Mine was fine until my dog chewed it up.
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    Mine has had his left arm out in front for months now without problems. Occasionally, the figure pitches forward because of funky leg sculpt/pose issues, but the arm remains up.
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    I have mine with his arms raised and both hands on the hilt, he stands fine unless knocked over by heavy vibrations or something touches it, but I have his safety railing there to catch him.
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    No problems with mine. He always keeps it up.

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    Looks like I'll need to pick up another if I can find him.

    Thanks for all the feedback!

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    yeah... sorry to hear of your troubles. It's nice looking figure, but useless. Great accessories, though!!!

    Try KEBco... they may have a few of those left in their possession!
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    My Vader's arm stays up, he just has difficulty standing.
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    Turbo is right, he looks way better in the package. I was so excited about this Vader, until I opened him up.....

    Great lightsaber though!

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    Originally posted by Darth Evil
    My Vader's arm stays up, he just has difficulty standing.
    Try getting some Real Stands or ProTech stands. That's what I ended up doing. Plus they work with GI Joe & other types of figures


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