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    Anyone find the 10th anniversary figs yet?

    So, anyone find these yet ?

    The website shows a Dec '02 release date, but I haven't seen these guys anywhere yet. I only want the Spawn figure myself...

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    yeah, the local comic book shop here in town had them. They had Savage Dragon and Spawn and the other two as well. I nearly bought the Spawn figure myself, but resisted. And then, it was gone. curse my broke bones!! I'll just get it on ebay if i wanna. cheers!
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    here is the thread I started sometime over a month ago when I found mine (spawn that is) but it seems like nobody was interested in it then...
    BTW I really love this fig
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    Huh, must've missed that thread somehow. I think this figure looks awesome. I've noticed it as your avatar for a while, that makes me want one more ! Honestly though, the main reason I want one is to go with my Marvel Legends.

    After looking again at the Spawn site, I noticed it says they won't be released at mass-retail. Only comic shops & other specialty shops.... Guess that's why I'm not seeing any yet, looking in the wrong place !

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    I've read in the forums that in some areas he's really hard to find (a lot of people still don't have him after weeks of searching) so I wish you good luck on your hunt
    the fig is simply amazing, the detail is great and the poseability is excellent, definitly worth your money
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