I was really hoping at some point to be able to purchase one of the Fan Club exclusive Han Solo vests, or the Luke Bespin jacket (anybody own these? Can anyone speak to the quality of these items?). Now it seems they are no longer produced, and I have missed out.
On the other hand, they were a wee bit overpriced, and though I have never seen either in person - I am sure they were nowhere near the level of quality one would expect of such a thing.
One thing I have always been dying to see is for a company (say...someone like Master Replicas, just for instance) to license and produce a whole line of (limited edition would be fine to help keep costs down - as long as they were still readily available) authentically styled, functional, high-quality, (and most importantly) affordable replica uniforms/costumes from the Star Wars Saga.
How many of us would just love a shot at some professionally crafted, fully licensed replicas of Han's Hoth parka, or a pair of stylin' Han Solo slacks with the neat-O keen corellian bloodstripe down the side, or a nice, warm Jedi robe, or howzabout even the whole Jedi shebang? Granted...I know that some of that stuff is more than a bit geeky to be worn outside of Halloween (or as convention-wear, for those of us who find that kind of thing acceptable. I don't judge!), but some of it, especially when crafted as actual, quality, functional clothing could pass for normal clothes also! Some if it you could sport in normal world settings and most people would be none the wiser! I'd have no trouble at all wearing Han's Bespin jacket out on the town...and I even have a rule about not wearing t-shirts with comic characters on them to conventions! You could let your inner geek shine...and still maintain a bit of dignity. Who knows...we might even manage to start a new fashion trend, and "Star Wear" could manage to creep in on the fashion world! Okay...maybe that's going a bit far, but at the very least we would get some really cool Star Wars costumes out of the deal. Plus, Lucasfilm would have much less to fear from knock-off costume replicas.
I, for one, would love to see, and would make an attempt to buy all of the following:

Luke's entire Bespin outfit
Han's entire Bespin outfit
Han's Hoth outfit
Luke's entire Jedi outfit
an Obi Wan Jedi outfit
Han's entire ANH outfit
Han's Endore trenchcoat
a Rebel Fleet trooper outfit

...and certainly there are plenty of others that I, and a bunch of other fans would like to see. I'd even imagine that, whether people wear the entire thing as a costume, parts of them (jackets, etc.) as part of their regular wardrobe, or just collect them, there would be at least a modest market for this kind of thing.
What do you guys think? Am I nuts?