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    How are you maintaining your interest in collecting Star Wars figures?

    If you're like me, it's been a while since you bought anything recently released by Hasbro. My reason is: I cannot find anything new. I have to say that I rarely visit toy stores like KB and TRU anymore; there's not much out there to justify me going out of my way from my usual Wal-Mart rounds.

    I collect mainly Classic-themed stuff, as long as it's decent quality; I also collect some of the Prequel toys that catch my fancy, which are few. But the last "new" figure I bought was a Clone Pilot (the only one I ever saw at retail!), and that was back in January.

    This collecting lull, along with the rather slim collecting year 2003 is looking to become, is testing my faith in the hobby a little. Lately I've been sniping decent deals here and there on Ebay; but that's mainly for older POTF2 and POTJ stuff, usually army builders. I've also been purchasing action figure stands, and have begun an attempt at cataloging my collection (bagging and labeling, mostly). All in an effort to keep myself interested in collecting Star Wars figures and vehicles. So far, it's working, but I find that part of the zeal I used to have is gone. I hope that it does not set in, and I lose all interest whatsoever, like I've read happened to so many former Forumites here at SSG.

    Anybody else have similar thoughts? If so, how are you maintaining your interest in collecting? Or are you ready to throw in the towel?

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    I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. It has been very slow lately, and frusterating. I've been able to catch up on other action figure lines I collect. I know some stores are doing inventory now which slows things up, a lot! However, I still remain faithful. There's going to be a lot of very cool, new Star Wars stuff this
    year. Hasbro does have a LOT of compitetion this year, so I hope they play it smart. I'm still with you Hasbro.
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    I'm a sole Star Wars collector, and no other toys, and I too am very mired by the current Saga line. The last figure I got was Ephant, and usually I get two packaged "classic themed" figures and one "new trilogy" figure as long as it is a character or costume that has not been made before. My priority is my loose collection and my study is nothing but customized shelves of every loose figure and vehicle. There is nothing much out there that is grabbing me now, my only interest is hope that new, more exciting figures come out. I've not lost faith in the lines, just patience. The sculpts may be nice but most have no playability because of their poses. Besides I know in a month some new stuff will be poping up.
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    well, i haven't really been keeping it up. Marvel Legends and LOTR figures have been occupying my time.

    Though recently i built some shelves in my basement to display my figs, and that got my interest back a little.

    And recently I decided to only buy OT figs from now on, with maybe a few exceptions.
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    It's been going downhill for me as well. I don't like the direction Hasbro's been taking the line lately, nor what they've done with Action Fleet/Micro Machines. I'm not boycotting them, but I barely even search for new figures anymore, I got less than 75% of the 2002 Saga line which is a big deal for me because up until then I had been a figure completist. It's also depressing to see such a large amount of unsold Saga product that isn't enticing new buyers when looking for new stuff. I didn't have terrible luck last year, I even found Ephant easily and early, but since then I haven't found much else (WM saga 2packs and $21 Rep Gunship were about it) over the course of about 3 months - that's a pretty big dry spell for me. But the worst part about it is just how little I'm phased by that, usually I'm upset about not finding new SW toys but this year I feel mostly just turned off. I plan on getting some of the 2003 figures that are out now if I see 'em, but other than that it's kinda on the back burner.
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    Where was that thread where certain gung ho individuals were proclaiming that we'll get all the figures we want because the license has been extended?

    Man, if it's this bad with a movie still to come, just imagine what the pegs will look like when the last one leaves the theaters. I'm telling you, this line will not last beyond 8 to 12 months past Episode III. The last you'll see of OT figures will be between now and 2005, then it will be mostly Episode III with a bit of Prequel cleanup. Then death.

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    I've been trying to be loyal to the hobby. I only buy 3 3/4" Star Wars, and I tend to buy the select few that I feel is a must-have, mainly figures with good sculpts, and interesting characters. The majority of my devotion goes to the OT.

    As a Canadian collector, it is ten times more difficult to contend with you collectors who live in the States. Any new figures that appear on the racks is big news, and are gone within hours. The demand here is not nearly as high, so department stores seldom take the risk to flood their shelves with figures. Small specialty stores, on the other hand, succeed in making profit in the expense of die hard collectors. They charge 2-3 times the retail price, even the peg-warmers, but they're also the only people that can get you the harder to find characters.

    Because of the fact that no figures can be found easily, it is common to find us buying many of them at secondary prices. Otherwise, ebay is our only resort. Like many of you, I've been finding myself glued to ebay in search of good deals. But no matter how good the deal is, shipping costs would immediately turn the deal into a complete rip-off on my part.

    It's tough not finding figures, but I guess in a way, the frustration keeps my interest in the hobby alive. Ebay and internet sites also serve to keep me interested. I don't think I'll give up anytime soon, I just wish one day all figures will be more easily accessible.

    But for now, the power of each new figure I buy goes a long way, each new figure I get gives me the fuel to maintain my interest in the hobby for weeks. I guess that's just... The Power of the Force.
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    Star Wars is the only thing I collect. But I haven't been into the figs lately because I haven't been able to find anything new in the last couple of months. It gets fustrating when you go to the same stores everyday and find nothing new for a long period of time. After a while, you stop looking. Plus it doesn't help when 90% of the new figs are resculpts of the figs you already own with action features/poses.
    Lately, I've been really into Master Replicas for my Star Wars fix. Within these two months of not finding anything and lack of interest from resculpts with action features/poses, I bought Yoda's lightsaber, Vader's lightsaber, Dooku's lightsaber, Darth Maul's lightsaber, and the Jedi Training remote. That's around $1,700 that I alone spent in a little over 2 months on a different company other than Hasbro to get my Star Wars fix. Why????- Mostly because of lack of interest and disappointment in Hasbro. Hopefully things will change around soon. 2004 looks good, but that's 2004- anything can happen between now and then.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Except for the shuttle, the last thing I remember buying is Ephant Mon and a marked down gunship back in late, late November. I have not seen anything new that I've wanted since. I'm usually in the Super Wally World at least twice a week and the only new things to roll through are a ton of compactor scenes and some tie bombers. The figures are all the same and nothing new is coming in. I've poked around to a few other places but nothing new can be found. I'm still interested but I must admit that I find myself looking for new He-Man and Marvel Legend figures before wandering over to Star Wars. I'm also a bit discouraged with the re-hashes that are upcoming. I would rather see brand new figures instead of recreations or repackages. But I've been collecting these guys forever now and don't see myself quitting. Overall, I've usually been satisfied with how things are going. I sure there are many outside factors that are imposing this collecting lull we are going through.

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    Oddly, I've taken to customizing. (I'm very, VERY inexperienced with this.) Simple Head swaps. I turned Lott Dott --- just wasn't very happy with the "dull and faded" eye detail --- into an Aqualish Senator. He looks pretty cool, the little hat even fits like a glove . . . and now I just need to somehow touch up the hands.

    Actually, I've been Aqualish crazy (favorite alien and I had this "wierd" couple of months where I kept finding loose versions at random garage sales for like 25 cents a pop) and have finally created six ALL NEW characters by doing a lot of boil n pop --- although in two cases the bodies were too "head specific" so a little glue was needed and the heads don't move --- but who cares? They look just great.

    I am totally EXCITED about the new Tusken --- but of course can't find him anywhere. Looking ahead, there is a lot to drool over . . . Sandcrawler, Geonosian Fighter, All New TIE Fighter . . . but yeah, we really seem to be in a rut right now.

    PS --- the other thing I've done is taken the time to rediscover my collection. For example --- I only just recently became aware of how totally cool the new SLAVE 1 is. I bought it back in November because I was desperate to qualify for the 25th Artoo -- and at the time I was like, "Yeah, okay, it's cool. Whatever. . . " But the other day, I took a real good long look at it. This ship totally Rocks! The Paint Detail. The "hidden" Sonic Charges and their flawless deploying system. The even better "secret reveal" multi-missile launcher . . . And then there is that cockpit! Oh, it's so dang cool! Especially how it holds three figures! Awesome. For the longest time, it just housed Jango . . . but now he's been booted out and Princess Leia in her "All New Likeness" disguise is ferreting R4-M9 across the galaxy with her trusted-only-because-she-was-really-desperate alien bounty hunter pilot. (Yep, of course he's an Aqualish! )

    Hasbro has given us so much --- we can all afford to be a little patient.
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