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    I just went to look at mine, and you know I have never realized that before. He does have giraffe neck.

    Very cool on Max Rebo. Hopefully we do see that set this year.

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    the guy who sculpts for hasbro did a Q & A and revealed some interesting stuff:

    1. a new 12 inch yoda has been sculpted

    2. a hammerhead 12 inch figure is done

    3. hasbro is supposed to change the way the heads for the 12 inch stuff is made. they are going to be solid plastic instead of being hollow and made of vinal. the new lando head is supposed to be solid.

    this could present a big problem for those of us who do body swaps if hasbro insists on using their old HOF bodies. i would guess this process will save hasbro some money, or else they wouldn't be changing. the 12 inch matrix figures have solid heads and were not very well done. but on the other hand, sideshow also has solid heads on their figures and they are great.

    4. he sculpted the gamorrean guard 4 years ago, and hasbro is just now making it!
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    Derek, I don't think they are going to be truely solid. It's just a different way of doing them, so they don't have to sculpt oversize and shrink them down. Remeber that picture of the new Luke head, it still had the big opening in the bottom. This will just ensure you won't get anymore of the freak bobble head figures.

    The new Lando features it, and you can tell from the base of the head, where it is pushed out slightly that it appears to still attach the same way. By the way, for those who want to read the whole Q&A, the site is Galactic Hunter.
    A lot of the human heads you’ve done have been outstanding.

    I’ve done a lot of the Real Scan heads. I clean them up, but I don’t really take a lot of credit for them. I did the new Lando. That’s a really nice head because it’s solid. They’re not roto-molding them anymore. They’re 1:1. We’re not sculpting them big anymore. [Editor’s Note: Hasbro’s 12” line previously used a process called roto-molding, which required the heads to be sculpted oversize to allow for shrinking.]

    That’s good news!

    You ain’t kidding! We knew that, too. We’d do a piece and it would come back looking like the guy was sick or something. His head was skinny, sucked in.

    That must be frustrating to see your sculpt go through that.

    Big time! It’s hard for us because we’ve got to sculpt out of proportion. We have to sculpt the head big and the body small. Anything else that has to be roto-molded has to be oversized, too. It was a lot more work doing it that way.

    Collectors would often be disappointed after seeing a beautiful prototype and then (due to roto-molding) the production head would be altered dramatically.

    Now they’re going pretty exact. A lot of the time I send something to the Orient, and it’ll come back changed. Things will sometimes get changed due to licensing, so it’s difficult to take credit for everything I do. Everything on my site I can say is 100% my work.
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    I don't think they are going to be truely solid
    i don't know. he said in the interview they would be solid. i guess we'll have to wait and see lando in person before we know for sure.

    and have you seen that new skiff lando on e-bay? it looks like hasbro is using the old HOF body instead of the newer Joe body we saw before.

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    Hey! Where is this Q & A?

    I can't find it.

    I have been clamouring for a 12 inch HAMMERHEAD for years, and certainly would love to see this one come to pass . . .

    C'mon Hasbro! Release this guy! Please. Please! PLEASE!

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    Originally posted by mark2d2
    Hey! Where is this Q & A?

    I can't find it.

    I have been clamouring for a 12 inch HAMMERHEAD for years, and certainly would love to see this one come to pass . . .

    C'mon Hasbro! Release this guy! Please. Please! PLEASE!
    The Q & A link is www.**************.com/special_reports/scottint.asp (put "galactic hunter" in where the ************** are, but leave out the space between "galactic" and "hunter").

    Very good article, worth reading. I really hope Hasbro releases the 12" Hammerhead too. I doubt the designer would even mention it if wasn't going to happen. Yay!!!

    Now if we could also get a 12" Gonk and 12" Snaggletooth... In fact, I think Hasbro should make a 12" Gonk/Jawa 2-pack with a newly sculpted Jawa, because their first 12" Jawa's face is shiny - how retarded!

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    Darth Christopher: heh, heh, heh, it's always great to meet another collector so in touch with my line of thinking. I take it you read my thread about how all we need are Hammerhead, Snaggletooth, and a Power Droid to finish out 12 inch versions of the original Vintage 3 3/4 inch line . . .

    Yes ---- A GONK! Droid would totally rock. And another Jawa would be more than welcome. Helpful hint though --- just in case another Jawa doesn't happen --- pull his hood as far front as possible and he really doesn't look bad at all. He looks awful in the packaging, I admit. But freed from his plastic prison he actually looks pretty darn spiffy.

    In fact, even better than a Jawa would be either a "Dome" Mining Droid or one of the Treadwells . . .

    And I'm still DYING to see an FX-7 and 2-1B two pack as well.

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    Damn, I didn't catch that when I read it. He did say it's a solid head. I like the old vinyl ones.

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    here is a link to the unreleased lando on e-bay:

    it looks like they are using a different body, and the neck no longer "flares" at the side. could this be the "solid" head lando the sculptor was referring to?

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    What about heads like the one on Boba Fett that look to small? I wouldn't mind if they made another 12" Boba with a more accurate solid head.
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