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    12" Battle Droid!!!

    My local comic book store is having a moving sale, so I decided to go down and pick up some cheap SW figs. As I was there, I found a 12" Battle droid, which I have been drooling over forever. For some reason, when a lot of the cool EPI toys were being released (like the 12" and 3 3/4" Pit Droids), I musta been sleeping or something. Well, i picked him up for 50% off (and a Mace and Luke Tatooine 3 3/4" fig) and went on my merry way home. The Battle Droid is such a cool fig. He is currently sitting on the edge of me shelf, all g'ed out, with his blaster in his lap. But, now I must be off. Max Payne for my PS2 if calling for me (play it!). Later.
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    Hasbro makes no sense with this one IMO, it's a pretty good sculpt and has some good articulation, but they intentionally kept this figure from being able to fold up or even move the neck right, and they molded the blaster in that funky color.
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    I agree with JT one this one,but it never really bother me to much.I haven't got into collecting the 12" line.My wife got some but she was to thrilled with the line either.
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    Right on JediTricks! The only thing that got me about this 12" figure was the $20 shelft tag. Obi-Wan or Darth Maul were good "12 figures, there's no way I'm paying that much for that little of plastic.
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    I found that, even at just above room temperature, the plastic on this one is so shoddy that his legs warp.
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    I was looking at my 12" Battle Droid the other day and decided to open it and boy its one of the coolest 12" figures I have
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    I found mine at A show for $4.00. No way I was going to pay $20.00 for this one! How about that OOM-9 12" though, boy he was great totally diffrent sculpt uh wait no it wasn't just A repaint not worth $20.00 dollars either, were are the Nemodians?...
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    Well, I don't collect the Hasbro 12 inch figs. But this one did strike me when I first saw it. In fact, it looks like one of the better 12 inch figs Hasbro has done.

    Maybe it's just because they have sooooo much trouble with the HUMAN 12 inchers.

    I do collect the 6 inch (12 inch scale) figures. I really like the pit droids and the R2-A6!!! I especially like the Yoda.

    As for my "other" 12 inch collection.....It's all MARMIT baby.
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    i'm not at all impressed with the 12 inch battledroids. this figure should of been made out of metal and , as jeditricks said, should of been made to fold up. i got mine on clearance for about $10 and still feel like i was ripped off.

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    The battle droids are cheap Trade Federation-stuff, no quality. But Hasbro shouldn't have given them all the same number on their backpacks.


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