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    I need help, Im confused

    OK. if someone could answer me this I would be thrilled. The star wars trilogy on DVD. Episodes 4,5, and 6. is that out now. I thought it wasnt coming out for awhile but recently I have been seeing it to buy on the internet. and also on this forum there is a topic about a new box set, are you talking about the trilogy? Im just confused I have heard stuff that makes it seem like its out, then I hear stuff that makes it sound like Im mistaken. Im sorry to ask this. as a fan I thought I would know the release of the trilogy but I dont. please help. thanks, keith
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    Those are bootlegs, most of them being burned off of the Laserdisc sets that were released in the early 90's. There are no official DVD releases of the OT yet.

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    And the "real" ones are not due out until 2006. So we must have patience.
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    Does that mean that the DVD versions of Episodes VII-IX that I have are bootlegs, too? Dang! That was $425 down the drain!




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    if you have sarcoidosis, there's pills for that

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    I am counting the days(and years) to 2006. Is that also the year Episode 3 comes out, or is that 2005?
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    Yea, McCallum said they are not even going to try to do anything with the OT on DVD until EPS 3 is done.
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    I was really hoping the OT would be on DVD around the same time as E3. That way we could watch the DVD's back to back. Oh well, the next year I guess .
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    I'm just excited to buy after 2006 all the other "special editions" or various box sets Lucasarts wants to pump out.

    I've already gone to the bank for a 10,000 loan. I figure that way I can buy a box set of the OT, PT, a 6 DVD set of all of them. The special extened edition of TPM, ATOC, Ep III.
    I'm ready for whatever Georgie baby want to sell...modify, or lump together.

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