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    Question Holo Sid, NRG, Amidala Battle

    These figures were supposed to have shown up in the TRU/KB sales of Episode 1 figures. Never found any of them at all so I was fortunate enough to have gotten them initially at KMart.

    Anybody had better luck than me on these?
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    I saw battle Amidala, Sio Bibble and the pit droids once at Target the spring or summer of '00. It was right before Target clearanced out all their SW merchandise. I passed on them 'cause I didn't have enough money on me.

    I was fortunate enough to find the holo Sid at Wal Mart.

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    I never saw any of these at Target or TRU. I found mine back in March of 2000 at the Lakewood, CA Wal-Mart. I did happen to run across a QA Battle at a KMart in Utah about a year ago.

    The Sidious was only decent because he was the only true holo 3 3/4" figure we've gotten so far, but if he'd been a pegwarmer nobody would give a rat's A about it.

    The NRG is great just for the cool pose and the helmet. Plus, he doesn't look dopey like the Security guard.
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    I still need them
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    I've never seen these figures in any of the normal retail stores. I guess they were lost while crossing the Mississippi.....
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    I was fortunate enough to find Holo Sidious and the Naboo Royal Guard at TRU, but that was during initial release for full price. I've never heard of any sightings in the big clearance sales of either of these.
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    I'm still hoping they'd show up at KB or TRU.

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    I still cling to the belief that these WILL show up at TRU!

    This was the ONLY wave I never found at TRU!

    Swimming Jar-Jar showed up back in May!

    With the POTJ line out and EP2 around the corner, it will be a while til TRU gets the "last wave" of EP1 for their clearance racks.

    But, it will happen!

    Remember the "HTF Mon Mothma wave"? These things started showing up in MASS a couple of months after EP1 hit the shelves.

    I predict that by the end of summer 02 we will hear reports of these hitting the clearance racks at TRU and/or KB!
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    we got lucky at wal-mart and got royal gaurd, holo sidious, and yoda w/ the episode I logo.

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    I'm never going to get them as they were never released here (due to the wave 1 pegwarmers) and they'll never show up here in stores ever! My only way of getting them is through scalpers either from Ebay or at local shows here(but they all charge like $100 per one with is way to much for one of them in my opinion!) whew!
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