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    Talking Micro "Gashapon" Japan excl. by TOMY : serie 2 !!!

    Great news from Japan my friends !

    The amazing "Gashapon & toy pack-in" from TOMY Japan are back for a new serie of micro figures and vehicles from the StarWars Saga. There will be five new sets (3 vehicles and two figures sets I think). Release date is april. You can pre-order a set of 10 boxes (randomly packaged) for approx $26 at :

    I sent an e-mail to J-LIST Japan and they will have a few sets of 5 for approx $25 (double the price but all the boxes will be individually checked to be sure you will receive a complete set of the five different dioramas).

    Also, for Good Shot Jansen, I didn't received my Konami sets yet but if I have the red ship, I will send it to you with pleasure. I'm only interested by the Eagle and the Hawk.:happy:

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    Bonjour Sicqnus

    You can order the Hawk and Eagle individually from these chaps in the UK......

    (I have ordered the Hawk).



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    News from J-list :

    J-List Japan just received the great "Gerry Anderson's Premium Pack" for only $15 a complete set !!!
    This awesome limited collector pack includes the Rescue Eagle (with red stripes), the UFO intruder detector and the Fireball XL5.
    Normally, the Eagle and XL5 are randomly packaged. Here you can get the full set (Ebay value is approx $25 for a set of two). J-List price is only $15 (great deal).

    Limited edition Asia exclusive Intruder Detector S.I.D. (from UFO) and Rescue Eagle or Fireball XL5 from Fireball (randomly packaged) : only $15 a two-pack.
    Konami Nostalgic SF vehicles collection :
    Set of four : Hawk, Eagle, Mac, Stingray : $20
    Set of six vehicles : $30

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    thanx sicqnus,

    if you do in fact get a supercar, i would be very pleased to send you my extra eagle and hawk (and of course the dayum fish) in exchange for the super car. (you will prolly get dupes of the space 1999 ships as well, but if you don't i don't mind exchanging them for the supercar)

    let me know when your shipment arrives.

    thanx for the heads up on the sw tomy sets, i just placed my pre-order for those.
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    A precision abvout the konami set (not-premium) :
    I get a supercar in one of the complete sets (10 boxes) I received : it comes in place of a stingray submarine. So each set always includes 2 hawks, 2 eagles and 2 mac cars.

    As for the SW Tomy items. Does Peter Payne (J-list manager) have an idea of which ships will be issued ?
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    Tomy Japan have not revealed yet wich characters or vehicles will be included in the sets. I've checked several Japanese websites and the TOMY official site but I've not been able to find anything interesting. I just saw the Episode 1 Micro Machines repacked by TOMY and sold as capsule toys (see pic). I saw these sets on Korean websites.
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    Hyper Godzilla Micro Gashapon monsters & vehicles are back at J-LIST ! $25 for a set of five.
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    TOMY Star Wars dioramas series-2 picture #1

    Here you are SICQNUS.
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    TOMY Star Wars series-2 dioramas picture #2

    And another!
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    Great find S.I.D. !
    The mini figures looks cool. I am a little disapointed... no vehicles as it was originally planned

    Maybe it has something to do with the come back of the micro-line from Hasbro...
    Big brother H said "no competition" ????

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    Unhappy Tomy and Konami

    Hey SICQNUS I 'm little disapointed also with the 2nd release but maybe Tomy will have more releases to come that will include ships and vehicles lets wait and see.

    As far as the Konami Gerry Anderson Items WOW! they look great in my display case ,I've managed to get all of them the UFO set is my favorite .
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