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    Is it just me or do other people have the UK figures?

    I was just at my local Walmart and it seems that some of the figures are of the UK.

    Doesn anyone have a figure that they got from their local WM or any other toy store that are from the UK?

    The ones I saw that are of the UK were they Yoda Jedi Council, The librabry Droids, the Padme (Factory Chase), the Turken Radier, etc - Any 2003's taht are stocked.

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    How can you tell the difference?
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    They have a big black sticker on the back?
    Starcruiser... crash!

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    No you can tell by the barcode printing on the bottom.

    I first noticed this with the Yoda (second SAGA release). It seems to be common with these newer figures.

    May the force be with you.

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    Is it supposed to be like thgat or are we supposed to be getting the NON Uk ones? Anyone else have these figures taht have the UK UPC?

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    every figure i've gotten since dec. has the UK bar code. Ok so that's only 4 new figures i've been able to find (yoda, tyrannus, obi-wan , and tusken). next time i'm out will pay a little more attention to some of those pegwarmers.

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    The thing is, My Yoda Jedi Conucil is UK, but the Imperial Officer and the Rebel Trooper aren't. All of the new 2003 (for me) have been UK? ANy other people out there with UK figures and have a reason why it is?

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    Well now I know why we don't have them in the UK yet, you guys stole all ours!!! Damn you all to hell... Not one new figure mutter mutter, stupid distribution quotas grumble grumble, damn hasbro idiots gripe mutter gripe........... *trails off in despair*

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    That's great, Say are you getting our figures??? Send them here Hasbro!!!!

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    Support for the figs in the UK has all but died, TRU have pulled the plug and are still telling me they expect no new stock soon, mean while the UK Hasbro site says TRU had stock of the Imp Shuttle (something I no for a fact is not true). The shops are not stocking the stuff so the items intended for the UK are going to the US and we (we being people stuck in the UK) will be getting a lot less of it than we wanted.

    The fact that the UK marketing director for the S/W line quit isn't a sign of good things to come...

    I say to those in the US please enjoy them; we will not get the chance. At least they will have a nice home..

    (Do I sound bitter.....guess it's because Hasbro couldn't organize a **** up in a brewery and they price fix there stock.)
    Itís better to stay silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubtÖ


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