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    Durge and Anakin: New clone Wars Figures Revealed

    What does everyone think of the new "Clone Wars" bounty hunter figure Durge that was revealed at today? How about the Anakin?

    I think they both look cool.

    Notice the concept drawing of Durge...his helmet looks strikingly similar to Vader's to me.

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    Durge looks pretty cool. But that Anakin figure looks kinda goofy with all the armor and stuff, oh well.

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    What the heck are those? Anakin looks goofy, the removeable headset is interesting but it's a bit err, bulky. He's definitely gonna have to be scrunched up to fit into the JSF cockpit.

    Durge looks, uh not very Star Wars. Who the heck designed that? Looks like it belongs in GI Joe rejects..
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    Durge is very comic-book looking. I don't think the Anakin is all THAT offensive. The headset is a little large, as LTB pointed out, but that's really about it. This is so EU... but I love it!

    I don't really have any issues with either of these figures. I am gonna have loads of fun playing with these!
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    I can only speak for myself, but this line is NOT Star Wars to me. The Anakin would be cool for customizing, but aside from that, this line is looking very uncool.

    SOTE part 2 is what this really is.

    Remeber how well that went over?

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    So it looks like Luke's not the first Skywalker Jedi to wear a black glove to cover his severed hand.

    Durge. . . man oh man oh man. In the sheer "looks" category, this guy just beat out the ARC Clonetroopers by a mile. Sweeet!!
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    Durge looks like a Transformer or cheapie GI Joe figure. Definitely not Star Wars.

    Anakin...well, he'll NEVER make a good looking figure. Just another "human" in whacky "flowing" clothes flailing his arms around.

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    don't be so cynical, Stillakid...
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    Durge is a little too way out there for me, too bulky and not human enough. Anakin is just another dull anakin so - dull. And the hair extension flying around just looks bad. I don't mind a little movement in the sculpt but when they look like they're fighting in a gale force wind it's a big turn off. I highly doubt i'll buy the Anakin but depending on the final product I might buy Durge. Swap out the head for a human head and he'll possibly look okay.Something i don't understand is why he wears the mandalorian insignia if he so hates the mandalorians. And if they say it's armor taken from a mandalorian warrior then that's poo because according to the lore jango wears the armor of the mandalorians and this isn't anything like jango's armor. A head swap and a repaint and he should look okay. Space pirate or something. His legs look cybernetic to me. They also look like they detach, but that could just be a weird sculpting thing. Hmmm, i guess what i'm saying here is that i'll wait and see on Durge but anakin will be a pegwarmer as far as i'm concerned.
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    Durge looks a little He-Manish.
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