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Thread: Chewie's Size

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    Chewie's Size

    Just how tall is Chewbacca. Dejarik Champion and Mechanic list him as differing heights. You'd think 2 toys by the same company could at least get the info straight. But then seeing some of the stuff Hasbro has put out i shouldn't be too surprised.

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    Well, the actor who played him is 7'2" so in my book Chewbacca is 7'2".
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    whoch one lists the bigger height? if the mechanic Chewie is bigger then it could be possible that he grew some between ANH and ESB... if not, then he just shrunk
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    Mechanic Chewie is the accurate one. Dejarik Chewie was not to scale, my guess is so he can sit into his little chair.
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