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    Sandcrawler NOT cancelled!!!

    Okay, according to Sir Steve's trustworthy sources --- from the mouth of Hasbro itself courtesy of a Q & A --- the Sandcrawler IS coming. They are just waiting on a retailer to pick it up.

    This is certainly GOOD news. I just wish now that somebody would hurry up and snap this l'il puppy up! I seriously don't get it . . . Why would ANY business pick up some of the more silly re-releases (Naboo Starfighter?) and NOT this totally outstanding toy that is sure to fly off shelves as it has been out of stock for . . . oh, say, the past twenty years . . . ?

    Come on, Walmart! Step up to the plate! Toys R Us? Kaybee? Target? How about you guys over at the Fan Club? Let's get this baby out on the shelves somewhere A.S.A.P. My poor little Jawas are having a terrible time hitch-hiking their way across the Jungland wastes . . .

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    That is good news. I have been wanting one since way back when. I hope Walmart gets it 'cause TRU is an hour away from me.
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    My jawas will not be homeless anylonger.

    Hi ho, hi ho, its off to scavenge they go.

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    I will have to pass on this one, as I only collect figures. But the only vehicles to really tempt me to buy them so far have been the Imperial Shuttle and now...this sandcrawler.
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    Well, technically it counts as a cancellation if Wal*Mart turned their backs on it. But at least it's still moving forward - just.

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    Without a doubt ... this has to happen by X-mas!

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    Christmas is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to far away . . . . .


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    Praise Jebus!
    Starcruiser... crash!

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    OH MY GOD THEIR MAKING A SANDCRAWLER????????? Man I'm glade I have internet now!!!!!!!!!!!! This puppy is sooooo mine!
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    It's the vintage one re-issued with a new paint job Amy. It looks okay. The prototype images showed it coming with the silver death star droid (RA-7) and a Jawa (the one from the Ronto) but other reports have said two jawas and made no mention of a droid. I guess we won't know until a retailer picks it up.


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