Well, that beast we know as reality tv may just find its way into comic books. Wondering how this is possible? Well, nothing's been guranteed yet, but with how well super hero films are doing lately, and how well reality tv has proven to be, I just can't see this one being turned down forever. Well, enough of my talking, you want to read what the heck I am rambling on about, so here:

Reality veteran Bruce Nash ("Meet My Folks") has teamed with comic book king Stan Lee to search for the next big superhero, reports Variety. The mild-mannered duo will be pitching a fantasy-meets-reality show to the networks.

Project will begin with an open call for contestants who have created their own idea for a superhero. Dressed as their creation, participants will be judged by a panel of celebs who have played heroes in the past (think Lynda Carter).

Semifinalists, under the guidance of Lee, will then get to see their creation come to life as their costumed creations are professionally designed via a "superhero makeover." The remaining contestants will then be thrown into classic superhero situations (save the damsel in distress!).

"We'll put them in scenarios that will be right out of the pages of comic books," Nash said. "We'll try to put obstacles in their paths and exploit their weaknesses."

Nash said he and Lee will scout for both male and female superheroes, and may also put out a call for supervillains.

Lee will likely create a comic book franchise for the eventual winners of the show; depending on the project, the top superhero idea could also find itself in feature development.
Lee & Nash Creating Superhero Reality Series