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    Durge looks like a cool character. Does anyone hope he will survive the Clone Wars, and make it into Episode III?

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    hopefully not, while his design is pretty cool he looks nothing like SW to me, so he should stay EU in my opinion
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    I'd like it to happen, but I seriously doubt it. Asajj Ventress, Durge, and the ARC Clonetroopers are doomed to die spectacular deaths before the E3 opening crawl.
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    I doubt he will be there, and I won't loose any sleep over it. (Sorry, I am just not into EU). He looks cool but not for a Star Wars film. Don't do it, George!!!
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    I really hope not.
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    Keep him in the EU line, Looks great there not as good in the movies.
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    Die in the clone wars. Please.
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    no offense to anyone with a differing opinion than my own, but I hope not. To me his character was a REAL quick afterthought.
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    Durge is fine for a new character in a cartoon, but he is just too 'cartoony' for a live character.
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    i for CW, but not for EPIII


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