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    KEBco figure club????

    Hello ,I was wondering if anyone belonged to kebco's one of every figure club , if it is worth joining , and how reliable they are.


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    I'm not a member of the club but I order my figures thru them, since I'm not a completist I don't buy 1 of every figure, just the ones I like. They have top notch customer service and they are very reliable, but I've found out that if you wait too long to place a pre-order with tem you'll end up having to wait a bit more than usual due to the large number of customers they have. I haven't had any problem with Kebco so I recommend them.
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    Yeah, pretty much what Cross Wizard said, they are very fantastic. In the unlikely event there are problems, they are prompt to help you out. I know they took alot of guff last year because of Ephant mon delaying some shipments, but that wasn't there fault in the least and they kept giving their customers updates on the situation.

    I love KEBco and thanks to them, I got all the saga figures so far. Due to school and stuff, i can't always hunt, so they're great. Cheers!!
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    I like them VERY much and have been a member since the "Sneak Preview" wave of last year. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get the figures, but it is well worth it. I was way ahead of most of the people last summer when store were having trouble getting new inventory in. I was able to secure a mint Ephant Mon back at the beginning of December. Still waiting on the Collection 1 figures, but those are shipping this week.

    If you decide that you want one of every figure... this is the place to go. Their prices simply cannot be beat. If you want an extra of a certain figure... you can request additional pieces to be added to your order. Mr. Barnette will gladly add them for your club price.
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    I preorder the figures that I want throught them. No hassle in searching store to store. Good prices and customer service. Eventually get everything that I want. Got Ephant Mon way back through them. A++

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    I have been a member since last year. I would not go anywhere else.

    their customer service is outstanding and all the figures are mint, Including My Ephant Mon!
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    I was a member until the last waves of 2002 when I decided I couldn't be a completist anymore.

    Jut like everyone has already said, the prices were reasonable, and though they can be a little slow, I still got most waves before they hit the stores around here.

    BTW, I still preorder from them, now I just pick and choose what I want.

    Without KebCo, I'd either have to pay a fortune to get the figs I wanted, or never have a collection, since many items are too hard to find here in the vast heartland.
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    I've been a member for a while now...since they started it I think. As mentioned, sometimes you have to wait just a few weeks longer to get things, but at least you get them. I've never seen an Ephont Man on a peg but I have him in front of me on top of the computer. Plus, with gas prices over $2 a gallon, it only makes sense to do it this way.

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    For people outside big US Centers, I think it's one of the best ways to go. I've only been in since the preorders started for 2003 figures, but I was one of the first people (according to post dates on this site) to get my Library Droids, new Imp officer and Rebel Trooper. I also got Padme and a couple of the new Tuskens so far from them. No problems yet, but I open figures. About 3 of my 8 figures received so far have had noticeable card damage - however I stated when I joined that I open figures. No concern to me personally.

    2 thumbs up for KebCo.

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    I like them, but they can be pretty inconsistant. I waited as long as 3 months for a shipment, but I've also gotten them pretty quickly as well.


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