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    Question Han Hoth: Brown or Blue - Which Will You Get?

    Since Hasbro couldn't even decide on the final color, now we all have to decide which one we're going to buy. So I figured we could do a quick semi-informal poll of the collectors here, to see which choice is more popular. Here's our choices.

    Blue - Thanks to the lighting in the Hoth Base, and a mistake in the color assignment in the Vintage line we've lived with the idea that Han's coat is Blue. So while it's a nice omage to the vintage version, it's technically inaccurate. Note that's my own opinion after studying the pictures and my laserdiscs.

    Brown - Long contested, but after several examples of evidence were posted here and at forums around the net it's somewhat clear that this is the correct color. Even the charecter color sheets support this choice. And so do I, but don't let that influence your choice. I'm just going by the evidence.

    Both - Hand your wallets to Hasbro now. Hasbro is making both camps happy, but making your wallet sad if you need both. But atleast you'll have a nice version of Han that looks like the vintage one. As well as one that is movie accurate. Hasbro atleast tries to please everyone.

    My choice? Both. I like the idea that Hasbro took the time to try to determine the color. And while the evidance does point to brown, they didn't want to cause a rumblings in the blue camp. So I'll support both choices. Now let's hope that another color camp doesn't surface and demand a 3rd choice.

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    If they offered a goofy posed version vs. a neutrally posed version, then I'd take the neutral pose.

    The color doesn't mean much to me, I'll wait for a better resculpt.

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    I'm a sicko too- I'll get both

    * General Disclaimer- I can't spell or type- Deal with it.

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    I'm going to have to get both! There is no way I could choose.
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    Aren't turds supposed to be brown?

    Now, if they could do something about that crazy, split-legeged pose and those giant gorilla hands, we may have something.

    Like the new Emperor, it looks like they take these poses and sculpts from comic books. The person that does the control drawings for some of these figures should either have their hands chopped off or forced to go back to Marvel - or wherever the hell they came from.

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    I'm thinking I'll have to get both.

    The blue for nostagia, the brown because it's accurate.

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    I want a version that changes color when you dip him in water ... when he's dry he's blue and then spray him with water and he turns brown.

    Kidding aside ... neither of them look right to me. I've always figured (from what I can see) than his parka is blue with brown/tan faded or dyed areas.

    I like the vintage one best ... I'll stick with that.

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    Blue. No, brown. No, blue. I can't decide yet.

    I would like to take the time, though, to officially start a third camp. . . Han Solo's coat on Hoth was hot pink!

    I'll wait for the pink version, 'cause pink is my favorite crayon.
    That's my jacket!

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    Neither, it's crap. In brown or blue it's still - crap. Crap crap crappity crap.


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    The way things have been going lately, I'll buy the first one I see. I may buy the other one in an attempt to do some customizing (disable action feature, etc.)
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