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    Angry nice moves hasbro

    this new stuff just sucks, what the hell are they thinking? who do they think they are they can just throw this crap at us and we're expected to buy it, damned people anyway


    I have rediscovered my collecting roots, this stuff looks awesome and i only wish that my wal-mart and k-mart will start carrying star wars again, i REALLY want the screen scenes, clone trooper packs, some of the carded figures, and some of the vehicles, i have a newfound respect for hasbro and hope people stop giving them so much crap now

    I also hope hasbro decides to release actual ball turrets for the gunships, anyone heard anything about this? i saw the pic posted on another thread but i think that was custom and the kid was just showing it off, hopefully they take a cue from that, i have faith, always have, but stronger now than ever

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    Galactic Hunter asked Hasbro about the CloneTrooper Pilot or new versions of the ball turrets. The CloneTrooper Pilot is not planned for re-issue in 2003. And there are no plans for new ball turrets. If you want them for the upcoming re-painted Republic Gunship, I suggest snagging some of the 2002 Clone Pilots.

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    I also love the scene packs and three-packs but i can only get them on-line!
    I want Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo New Jedi Order Figures!

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    Things are definitely looking good for the next year or so. Good job Hasbro - it really looks like you're listening to us.

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    Well done Hasbro. I need to start saving my $$$$
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    I think most of the stuff looks pretty good this year.Much better than 2002
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    I just wish we could get the hyperdrive ring for the Jedi Starfighter!!

    You would figure that in its third release!
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    I so agree with you guys. To be honost, I really dont like most of the saga action figures do to those dumb action features, but knowing now they are booting them, I can get excited again!

    There is some PERFECT saga figures, but most are trash imho. But my lord, what we have coming up looks to be some of the BEST we have seen from Hasbro, and I give much thanks.

    So Hasbro, if you are reading this, thank you so very much for bringing back the figures I fell in love with in the first place!
    "May the force be with you, always"

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    Too bad we couldn't get this quality in 2002! I have to agree, Hasbro is looking better than before, my only real big complaint is that the Rodian Jedi is just a statue, we need a super articulated one!! Rodian's rule. :happy:
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    No palpatine or Amidala or Bail organa rule, Rodians are just flotsam in the river of life baby.


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