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    Question Top 5 Most Wanted Future Figure Re-Issues??

    Have a hole in your collection? Somthing that eluded you at retail in the past, and now your reluctant to buy for a mark-up? Hasbro is gonna start trying to stand true to the "Everyone who wants a figure, will get a figure" policy. They plan to start looking at the collecting community, so see what figures are good choices. Since we know they read the boards, let's try to point them in the right direction. Here's what they told GH on the subject.
    On rereleases of figures from 1995-2002:
    Hasbro plans to stand true to its “everyone that wants a figure will get a figure” policy. What does this mean? Basically, if there are figures people don’t presently have, they will try to release them until they can sell no more. Ephant Mon should appear again in the future, and while there are no plans to release the Masters of the Dark Side Darth Vader on a Saga card in the immediate future, don’t count it out.

    As stated before, Hasbro will put stands with the re-released figures, but, as you might expect, there’s a “but.” The stands on the previously released figures will be clear stands much like those packaged with the recent Sandtrooper army builder set—clear, oval, and nondescript. Since Hasbro is also striving to make these figures as close to identical to the originals as humanly possible, there is no reason for anybody but those looking for a complete carded set to rebuy all the rereleases. Future rereleases will continue to happen, and of course, fan rumblings will help to select just who we see again.
    So with that in mind. And with the fact that Hasbro is re-issuing 5 figures in 2003, what are your top 5 choices that you would like to see Hasbro recard. Remeber, there would be no signifigant changes to the figures. As Hasbro is trying to help collectors with this, not make them buy more stuff. That's why they are coming with clear stands, and not special bases. With that in mind, here's my five choices. While I have all of them, I know many people don't. And I think they should have a chance to get them.

    1. R2-D2 w/ Holographic Princess Leia
    2. Admiral Motti
    3. TC-14
    4. R2-B1 & R2-R9* (2-Pack)
    5. Naboo Royal Guard (Better yet, release this in 4-packs)

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    *R2-R9: I figured this would be a fair way of re-releasing the hot pack-in droid from the Queen's Royal Starship. So many people wanted multiples of the droid. But with the high price of the Royal Starship it wasn't feasible for many.*
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    Hmmmm, there isn't much missing in my collection, but here goes.

    1) Leia (Hood up)
    2) Admiral Motti
    3) Gonk Droid with Jawa (who can't use another Jawa with the Sandcrawler)
    4) R2-D2 w/Princess Leia hologram
    5) R2-R9

    I also think that if there are any figures that are truly hard to come by, it's these five . . .

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    Assuming that there will be a Jawa packed in with the Sandcrawler or at least a Jawa Army builder set coming out.

    1. Leia (Hood up) (CTC)
    2. C-3PO from the MMC Capt Piett
    3. TC-14
    4. R2-B1 & R2-R9
    5. R2-D2 w/ Holographic Princess Leia

    Edit: I changed the C-3PO to Capt Piett because he would make a good army builder and customizing.
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    1. Sio Bibble
    2.R2 w/ holo Leia
    3. Leia hood up
    4. R2-b1 & r2-r9
    5.Admiral Motti
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    Sio Bibble
    Clean/Dirty Scout Trooper 2 Pack

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    I like these suggestions. These are all ones I have not been able to get, at least at a reasonable price.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Cantina Band member either!

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    Except for the Scout Trooper and Jawa with Gonk Droid. I have them. The others are right on target for potential re-releases, as far as I am concerned.

    Are the Jawas rare now? I remember when they had lots of them at TRU for $1.99!

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    It seems many of us missed the POTF CTC line. That's an amazing relevation. As for my top 5, here goes:

    1. Darth Vader - MOTDS
    2. TC-14
    3. R2-B1

    I really only have 3, but if I had to pick 2 more:

    4. POTJ Sandtrooper w/ orange pauldron (yes, I know there's a 4-pack)
    5. CTC Stormtrooper (yes, I know there's a 4-pack)
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    1. Motti.
    2. Masters of the Darkside 2 Pack.
    3. Leia in da hood.
    4. Naboo Royal Guard
    5. Sio Bibble

    Honorable mentions: Amidala with ascension gun, Darth Sidous (hologram), and Eopi with Qui-Gon.

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    In reading some of the later thoughts I like the idea of seeing the cantina band members redone. Max Reebo would be cool too.


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