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    Count Duckula...?

    With my digital cable, I'm getting a bunch of different Nickelodeon channels, like Noggin. On Noggin, they're playing a few shows that I used to watch way back when (like Pete and Pete). Anyway, it apparently jogged my memory and I'm remembering a show about a crazy butler who wanted a vampire as a boss (or something). He then tries to make one using a duck as the host, but in the process, he adds ketchup (to his "vampire-creating machine ) instead of blood. The result is a duck vampire that craves ketchup.
    I'm pretty sure that this was on Nickelodeon, and I know that it sounds pretty "out there" but does anyone else remember this one?

    They call them fingers, and yet they don't fing. Noodle that one for a while.
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    I remember it pretty well. I never really got into it much though.
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    Yea that was a cool cartoon.
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