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    IMPERIAL SHUTTLE -- Still Awesome?

    Okay, I am still on the fence about getting this toy.

    Size and Cost Issues . . .

    To those of you who have it --- how's it hold up after a couple of weeks? Are you still totally loving it? Any regrets? Would you buy it again? I'm curious as I really can't decide on this ship . . .

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    I'm still diggin' mine. Don't regret buying two even though it broke the bank. Would I buy it again? No. I have two, unless the house burnt down and reduced them to molten plastic lumps, then I definately would rebuy. I'm happy with them just sitting on a shelf looking imposing or flying one around my room. They make the perfect backdrop to figures. I'd love to hang one from my ceiling eventually, I can't pass by without looking at them and feeling happy. Best purchases of 2002/3 and no regrets.

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    I'm waiting patiently for mine, as the store I ordered mine from hasn't received theirs yet. But from the pictures I've seen, and the ammount of positive posts from those who have, I would definatly say that it was worth it. Especially with the 2 Imperial Dignitaries coming out 2003/2004.

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    JJB, where did you order yours from? I need to order one!

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    I ordered from PAF, but they arn't taking anymore orders. Cloud City Collectibles apperantly got 88 of them in the other day. I believe they are selling them for $139.00 mint, and $129.00 non-mint. Might wanna give them a try.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Well last night I bit he bullet and drove down town (10 miles) and snagged one from FAO. I counted about 10 up stairs and 15 down stairs. They probably had more in the back? Anyways I got home and opened it up. It's very nice. When the wings are down it looks huge! The only thing is, when the wings are up they don't fold well. I mean one wing is closer to the fin than the other. I love the paint, but I hate the handle. I'm thinking about removing the handle for a hanging display. The price with tax was $129 and some change. It's not worth the cost IMHO, but I'm happy I have it. When I saw the 1984 copy right, It brought me back to when I was a kid for I second, so maybe that in it's self makes it worth the price. I'd say buy it if you have the means. ---------------------------------------- EDIT: I messed with the wings and now they are fine. I just held one wing in place and moved the other down until I heard a loud CLICK and their fixed. Now to remove the handle.
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    Good thread here. Im now starting to feel the urge to buy this damned thing because of the feedback, when originally I swore left and right I wouldn't because of the FAO exclusivity (excluding, effectively, Canadian buyers). I'm feeling my resolve cracking as I type, but I think I can hold off a little while longer. I haven't heard ANYONE say they've regretted spending the money. That's rare, especially when you consider the comparatively massive cost of this item. Im sure it's super sweet. Damn.

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    JJ go buy the shuttle because it wants you to, it's calling your name can you hear it in the still of the night? it's calling out to you "JJ - JJ come buy me, I want you to fondle me JJ and play with me aaaaaaaall night and aaaaaaaall day, come find me JJ I waaaaaant you big boy, JJ hehehe JJ come and buy me....." Go buy that baby JJ she wants you man, Wants you to go lay down the hard cash and carry her home, unwrap her and lay your hands on her hard taught bodywork and feel the sleekness of her lines, open her wings wide and just slip that imperial officer in there, let her ramp ooze open and badaboombadabing!

    I say you should all go buy a shuttle.

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    I don't know Jargo, I think you are trying to get use to buy something else.
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    Well I'm in Oklahoma, so I will have to end up ordering one I reckon. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these, but its over $100 for crying out loud! Thats just a bit too much for me right now...
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