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    Question Did you ever find anything GREAT at Canadian retail?

    Not really a poll or anything, as they don't really open things up for discussion, but lets hear about something Star Wars-y you really, really freaked out about when you found - something that made you super happy.

    1. Luke X-Wing at London Toys R Us - wave 2 of the POTF2 line. I was so freaking happy about him, it was bizarre. For some reason they had a few of him, but none of the other wave 2 figs??? I remember buying 3 complete sets of wave 2 from the fan club, then selling up here for a real pretty penny.

    2. Monkey Leia, the Bay, Kitchener. Here's a dinger of story. Back in 95 or 96 the Bay sent a flyer out advertising SW figs at a low price of 6.99 or something. Included in the flyer was Leia - who was extremely short packed in the beginning, like non-existant. JJR calls up the Bay (1800 # right on the flyer) and gripes about not being able to find that figure in any Bay store, no matter where I checked or called. Now get this: the lady says to me "I'll find you one. I can appreciate your frustration." Not two weeks later, a US carded one shows up in my mail box - at no cost to me. Mind you the card was bent, but who the hell cares????? I was so freaked out......

    Within a month, the Bay in Kitchener called me up as well saying they got one in (I'd left messages at every Bay from Windsor to Toronto asking for her). I jumped in the car and drove the hour to get her post haste, sold the first dinged one for..... you guessed it........

    50 bucks. No kidding.

    Now that's what I call customer service!!!!!!!!! Not long after she was showing up in spades, with the different belt sculpt. Man.

    3) All 4 Target accessory sets up here in my Prince Rupert Zellers, before many of the US people posting here had even found them down there! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. And wicked toys too.

    How 'bout you guys?

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    2 freeze frame weequays a few months ago, those were pretty hot.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    In order:

    3. Saga - Luke's Landspeeder, at TRU, and only for $14.99!!!

    2. POTF - FF TIE fighter pilot, at the Bay, it was in crushed condition, but oh well.

    And the number 1 most stunning find in Canadian retail was....

    1. POTJ - Sandtrooper, at TRU, it was mint too!

    (None for WM, even The Bay beat you.)
    "We shall double our efforts."

    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    Then my zellers would have smoked again....between here and Terrace I picked up about 6 POTJ Sandtroopers and at least that many Bespin Guards. Way, way after I'd gotten my first ones from the US, but you need to scoop what you can. I love that Sandtrooper. No, really. I love him.

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    yeah thats a hot figure, my collection is lacking one severly.
    i got the stormy 4 pack though
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    wow, way to make a guy question his hobby! ...well actually I guess that's not entirely true, I'm sitting here looking around the room and it's just that almost none of my favorite things were found in Canada. my top Canadian finds look something like this:

    Republic Gunship - even though I had to get a pair of pilots from the US and it won't feel really complete until I find a dlx clone w/speeder.

    both versions of the potj speeder bike pilot.

    Luminara Unduli - I could care less that she's only got three pretty useless points of articulation. I still think the sculpt and paint are amazing.

    sitting on the floor of wal-mart early on E2 day opening the cases for the ladies in the toy department.

    finding at least half of the entire E1 line 75% off at wal-mart after initially deciding not to collect it. (bonus - $50 naboo starship that my gf actually bought for me)

    my gf sweeting the stock boy to go back and open cases to find me a commtech r2 which was really hard to find here

    through most of potf2 I had a friend/co-worker that also collected, so finding anything first was a small victory that was fun to rub in the other's nose.

    this may sound sappy but one of the best things I've found while being physically in Canada is this forum. it has really renewed my interest and made collecting fun again even though nothing new has been coming to the great white north.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    btw - where the heck did you find two wequay ff's and for how much? (I hate you - )
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    Aunt Beru and Anakin flashback at wm for 5 bucks a pop... I only had had 5 bucks, so I got beru
    This forum had kept me "in" for a lot longer than I maybe would have stayed otherwise for sure... and gotten me to things I wouldn't have had a shot at otherwise... another forumite just sent me one of them mini-ties, frinstance, which I didn't even know about but through here
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I love stories of finding, cheating, opening, hiding, etc. Hilarity abounds when the chatter about "How I got this" and "How I got that" gets going.......

    What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done to get something?

    I lied to my folks about being super hard up for cash so I could buy my X-Men #1. Oh, the shame.

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    Well, I'm not from Canada, but I collect foreign (non-US) carded stuff. My favorite Canadian carded figure in my collection is the Dagobah Vader with Secret Luke sticker.

    Honorable mention goes to my Canadian R2-D2 with holo Leia and Stormtrooper.
    May the force be with you.


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