Saga Anakin Swoop Bike MIMB
Saga Tyranus Speeder Bike MINMB
Saga Acklay MINMB
Saga Deluxe Yoda MOMC
Saga Deluxe C-3PO MOMC
EP1 Electronic Talking TC-14
Skiff Guard Cantina Scene

Wants (all must be MOMC):
Boba Fett (Carkoon)
Aayla Secura
Barriss Offee
Lama Su
Red Battle Droid
Imperial Officer (either head variant)
Eeth Koth
Anything newer than #12 (Aayla wave)
Any troop-builder sets

I can get most older Saga figures with inserts as well, and might be interested in trades for star cases. Please send me your offers at u156446@yahoo.com as I have limited access to this site (weekends and evenings only).