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    How would you fix smoky toys?

    I recently purchased a star wars figure that was in a smoky environment. Is there any way to recify this. A baking powder bath? a cleaner of some kind? Any help would be appreciated.
    I would like to own star wars figures

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    Which figure is it, and what are the problems associated with the smoke? (I. e. discoloration, stinkiness, etc.?)
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    It is the brand new imperial officer. problem associated is stinky smell.
    I would like to own star wars figures

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    The solution you use to handwash crockery and cutlery will do nicely because it is strong but gentle and has nice fresh smells like apple and lemon. it will clean off the residue of nicotine and dirt and take away the bad smell.
    This is i presume a 3 figure you're talking about? If you're talking about the 12 " figure then i can't help because i don't collect them
    My advice is that you should use the handwashing solution rather than baking powder because baking powder will be abrasive and remove a layer of paint. Just use a saucepan of water and washing solution, immerse the figure in the water, leave to soak for a couple of hours, remove and rinse the figure under cold water, dry with towel and leave in a moderate temperature to completely dry off for a couple of days.
    The figure will not be harmed but will smell sweet and clean and look great. Unless you still had the figure carded and then I'm afraid soaking is not a good idea. not a good idea at all.....

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Unless you still had the figure carded and then I'm afraid soaking is not a good idea. not a good idea at all.....
    If it was carded I don't think it would smell or be dirty.

    But none the less it isn't a good idea to stick a carded figure in the water.

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    Set the figure up near a fan pointing in the opposite direction and just let it sit there for a few days with the fan on sucking the gas out of it. Make sure the fan is in a safe location with nothing getting into it or it falling down, and try to have it exhausting out of the house or at least out of the room it's in. This is what I did with some of my MASK stuff I bought on ebay and it worked pretty well.
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    I'd go with what JT said. I'm always very weary of use any chemicals on my figures. Most people don't have clue what these cleaners might do to the plastic or paint years down the road. The smoke won't do you any favors either, but the sooner you air them out the better. And you might check the vintage section to see anybody has said anything about smoke.
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    You could always try the patch.....or Wrigley's Spearmint Gum.

    What????? I couldn't resist!!!
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    Guess those Imperial Officers need something to relieve stress.

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    Two question, why does it matter if it smells like smoke? Do you play with it close to your face? Nevermind don't answer that.
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