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Thread: Cloud Car?

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    Cloud Car?

    Hi Folks,

    Seems like i've heard rumors for the past few months about a Cloud Car being released this year as an exclusive. I believe I heard something in one of Jar Jars posts about the cloud car actually being ready for quite a few years, but Hasbro just hasn't got a retailer to take it for an exclusive.

    So as Galactic Hunter has shown us, somtimes these exclusive prototypes show up in the form of pics on the net. So are there pics of this thing lying around somewhere? And does anyone have anymore info about this exclusive. Jar Jar, perhaps you could help

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    The Cloud Car has been on the list as possibly coming out, every year since 1999. Every year, we hear it's being looked at and is coming. This year is now the fourth that it's been on the possible list, but in the end turned down for somthing else. Hasbro pulls it out every year, and presents it to Target.

    But for some reason Target passes on it for other exclusive choices. I'm not sure if they have showed it to any of the other stores or not. But I know that everytime we get rumors that it's coming, it's listed as from Target. I'm not sure why, it's one of those confusing things from the info that does trickle out.

    Galactic Hunter asked Hasbro about the Cloud Car, and they said it's a possibility for 2004. So hopefully it will actually come to pass this time. There really isn't that many ships left to do, so it has to come sooner or later. It did recently appear on the internal list for 2004 that showed up. The same one that according to GH, from what Hasbro said at their show, could be real.

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    Thanks for fillin me in, and that was in record time I might add

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    Frankly, it strikes me as so very odd that no one has picked it up.


    There has to be more people who want this ship than a rehashed Naboo fighter. It just doesn't make sense . . .

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    I think the few rumblings I did hear on the ship, is that it doesn't do anything signifigant in the movies. It's just an escort craft for Cloud City. That's why it gets passed over for what the stores think, are more intresting vehicles. That's why it's taken so long for things like the Imperial Shuttle, Sandcrawler, etc.

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    I don't care if it whistled Dixie, I want a new one. I think it is one of the better looking ships in the trilogy.
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    But without the Sandcrawler --- none of the movies would have even happened!

    I'm sorry --- but all these re-releases of Saga ships don't make any sense. Nor will they sell.

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    I really could care less if I have a new one or not. I use the EU cloud car, and looks great to me.
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    I've got one vintage (in kinda sad shape), so it'd be kinda nice to see a new one that came with two pilots.

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    That was the EU Cloud Car, aka the Carrotmobile with Celeryman. It was based on concept art.
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