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    Which LOTR figure would U like to see made?

    I'm sure this one will never get made but you never know. I would love to have a deluxe set of Gandalf sitting on his cart(wagon) with his horse from the beginning of the movie.

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    Elrond at Rivendell.
    Actually, I'd heard that Gandalf on his cart was already planned for release.

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    No kidding???? I hope you heard right. Say you wouldn't know a website where I can check out about future LOTR toys would you?? I checked the ToyBiz site which ended up being worthless.

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    I usually go to or Don't know how much you'll find there right now regarding LOTR though.

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    I would like to see a Gollum figure. But what I'd really like to see is a Sauron figure. One with his armor and one without his armor.

    Also, I'd like to see Tom Bombadil(SP?) and his wife Goldberry.

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    I'm pretty sure we will be getting a Gollum figure when the next movie comes out. I assume they didn't release him for FOTR because either they wanted to keep him a secret or they hadn't finalized his look yet.

    I want some figures from The Hobbit, namely all of the dwarves (at least Thorin) and Smaug the Dragon!

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    I second Sauron, master jedi. Of course I have no clue what he looks like out of his armor, and I don't wanna know until I see it in the movie. Unlike Star Wars, I am attempting to stay away from as many spoilers for the movies as possible.

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    I don't think we will ever see Sauron out of his armor. He never actually appeared in the books, he was just talked about. The flashback scene in FOTR is probably the only time we will see him, unless PJ changes the story in a drastic way.

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    I'd like to see a Sam and Gollum 2-pack, much more ornametal than the FOTR toys, with no play features (except articulation) and decent sculpting. I'd like it to emphasise the antagonism between them in TTT. Maybe it could have varying degrees, from Gollum and Sam looking surly to Gollum and Sam having a fight.

    And a figure of the other wizard who appears in the FOTR book - not gandalf or saruman. - Something the Brown? He likes birds.
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    Yes a Sauron with Armour figures would be awesome.


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