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    Unhappy Farscape: Series Finale Airs Friday!

    Just wanted to give a heads up, for the fans of the show that post here. Farscape will air it's series finale this friday, after four amazing seasons. It's truely been a hell of a ride, with each season being more entertaining and more intresting then the previous one. From reading the plot synopisis, it's a fitting end for the series, though not an entirely happy one.

    The cast and crew, had planned on a five year arc for the series. They had already finished filming the season cliffhanger finale for season four, when it came down from Sci-Fi that the series would not be picked up. Even though it had been announced as being on the schedule for a fifth season. Sadly, Sci-Fi was purchased by USA and they are apperantly trying to kill the channel.

    This gave the cast and crew, no time to film a final series finale. So what will air, is the original intended season finale. While in the tradition of Farscape, it's a great's also a shocking one. It's really a fitting end for the series, should we never see the crew of Moya again. But, thankfully, the original "To Be Continued" remains at the end, instead of attempting to cheat up an ending.

    Infact the only real hint that it's the end, is in John Critchon's opening introduction. We get the "Previously on Farscape" opening, which then shows us flashes of the story arc that ran for the past 87 episodes. And then we hear John state, "And finally, on Farscape." It's a bit sad, in a way. If you want a look ahead at what's in store, I'll post a link at the end of this thread.

    But you know what, I'm glad they leave us wanting more. A perfectly tied up happy ending, wouldn't work with Farscape. Hopefully another network, a feature film, or even ADV's idea for a animated series will come to pass. I'm hoping for another network, though chances are slim. Sci-Fi retaining rights to the previous four, is going to make it hard. There's always hope though.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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