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    President Bush to declare War on iraq at 8pm tonight?

    Well......possibly. However, it's a definite that he will demand Hussein and his immediate family leave Iraq, or face war:

    Seeing as the big Stilla vs. Clint thread seems a little unwieldy...I figured this was interesting news with which to start a new thread up.

    I suppose the time to debate the just nature of this conflict is over......question now is will it be short...or will an urban conflict make this far trickier than gulf war 1?

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    Yup, i'll be watching this tonight...should be interesting to see if maybe something happened to avoid war or if it's truly inevitable...
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    I dunno. They said they will drop more bombs in 24 hours than the first Gulf War. I have mixed emotions on this war. I think his reasoning is good. He gave him enough time to do what he was asked. He has 18 U.N. violations and a another chance is ridiculous. I don't like the idea of war but sometimes it needs to be done.
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    I was pretty surprised at how the tone changed over the weekend (in the mainstream, at least), saying how just about every American had now been convinced, and reluctantly acceptedt the fact that Saddam did need to be ousted by force..
    The most shocking revelation this weekend, for me, was how many times a professional journalist could shockingly mispronounce "AZORES" ... man, EVERYONE was trying different spins on "Ay- Zoars" , never even an attempt at shortening out the opening "A" ... it was especially funny since the summit was being put up as sort of the last piece of the puzzle... why couldn't it have been madrid or somewhere the press can at least pronounce without making me laugh.... I can't even remember what they were saying hardly...
    Yeah, 8 o clock sounds about right... the last one started while I was watching Jeopardy, wouldn't want to repeat THAT mistake....
    I'm not trying to be smug (not too smug, anyways) but I am in fundamental disagreement with the "for" arguements on this "war", and am also not impressed with the handling of it by either the media or the government of the US..... I see it making a lot of things a lot worse... we'll see, I guess
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    You know what is interesting........

    Guess which country on the Security Council has used it's veto power more than any other in the last 30 years....

    Come on...guess....

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    Bush can go to hell.

    And he will, if he is a true Christian.
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    The only times I remember a president giving a speech in times like these are after a strike had been already made. ie Libya and Desert Storm.
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    Originally posted by EricRG
    Bush can go to hell.

    And he will, if he is a true Christian.
    If hell does exist, I am pretty sure ALL politicians end up there

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    They'll never make it in, the passage is blocked up with a glut of lawyers.
    "No one helped me so why should I help you?" - College professor circa 1999

    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

    I'm in love with the women of Univision.

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    Oh Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush, what have you gone and done? A war you say? Well now that is silly. I hope you're going to clean the place up after you've finished, put away all your toys and leave the place as you found it. If not then i'm afraid you can go right to your rooms this instant and not come down until suppertime. And there'll be no dessert for naughty warmongers either so you can wipe that stupid smirk off your face mister! Now get this messy resolution tidied away before you cause someone to slip up and reveal the backroom secrets that lead us all to oblivion.


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