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    Is Collecting Figures an Addiction?

    I'm bring up this question because I was budgeting out my expences for action figures for the next year- getting an idea about how much was was going to spend. I'm collecting several toy lines at the moment including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, 007, The Muppets, Star Trek and occasional McFarlane. I quit collecting The Simpsons cold turky because that more than anything became too big a bother and hassle.

    Anyways, I'm always on the hunt for new figures. I love finding out about new, cool stuff on the way. Most of the time I go out and find nothing, but am overjoyed when I do find something. And that I guess makes it all worthwhile. There is my happiness in my hobby.

    With all the various lines I collect, I figure at some point there's going to be an end. The 007 line will run out of characters. The Lord of the Rings movies will finish and so will the figures. Star Trek will eventually make all the characters I want.

    I was talking about all this with a friend who brings up a good point, and I'm wondering about this.... Is it the chase I enjoy the most or is it the find? Does it really matter what it is I'm looking for as long as it's something? Is there always going to be something? Is it ever going to end?

    Something to think about. I'd love to hear oppinions...
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    The chase has always been better than the catch for me. Once you have that toy you've been pursuing for so long, yeah there's some happiness, but the thrill is gone. The thrill is gone....ok, I'm done.

    I think there will always be something to collect with toys. I mean, there's so many things that can be produced, excluding Star Wars even. If you're just a straight Star Wars collector though, well that might be bad then. I figure it'll last for as long as I am collecting toys. Time will only tell.
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    Yes, collecting is an addiction.

    I like to compare it to being a crack addict. Each new figure is like a new rock. If you don't believe me just try going for an extended period of time without buying any new figures.

    D@@@ you Hasbro, don't you realize how many careers and marriages have ended from your little plastic toys!
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    It's called "random reward" and was studied by a behavioural psycholgist using rats as subjects. When we don't know when our work will be rewarded, we work more diligently for longer periods. The experiment done with rats had them learning to pull levers for food. The rats would pull longest and most furiously when the didn't know when the lever would release the food. We never know when we'll find figures, so we work like dogs looking.
    See? So, whether it's a physical addiction or not is up to you to decide. I personally wouldn't get sick if I quit collecting, but I would definitely feel some stress.

    Collecting anything is very habit forming, no doubts there!

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    jjreason ,

    You are dead on with that. And my maze are the isles of all the local toy stores. At least my wife in an enabler and helps me with my addiction.

    Don't know if I could quit now even if I wanted to.
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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    Oh, that's good - and lucky for you. My "support network" makes a gesture that looks like a finger flipping through a peg of figures at me, instead of holding the "L" up to her forehead!!!!!

    All in good fun, of course. She just called - she bought me a Marvel Legends Captain America on her trip. :happy:

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    Yes, definitely an addiction. If you're like me there will always be something new. I can skip many lines, but once I get caught up with the stuff I do buy, I'll start adding new lines.
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    I think it is a addiction. Once you have one of something, its hard not to get others. Like i originally said i would only get the four turtles, but now i plan on getting most of them (minus new versions of the turtles) Ive got another question and i apologize if it is a bit too personal, but what would you guys spend your money on if you didnt collect toys? I think i would probably by many more clothes. Im 20 so im still at that age when you think you need new shoes every month, those $80 Lucky jeans, and whatnot so thats what i would get. Back to the original question i tried to tone down my collecting but i felt very bummed out so i quickly resumed it.
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    I would spend my money on more dvd's, which I kind of been doing more and more lately, as the new Star Wars figures are getting hard to find lately.
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    In fact, I stayed away from SSG for a good 4 or 5 months while being unemployed because I couldn't buy figs and stuff and it was HARD, SO very, very hard to even look at the new things that were coming out, but finally, a good friend from here (Caesar! ) talked some sense into me!

    I'm so addicted, I can't even imagine what it was like when there was that long gap from 1985 to 1995 And I can't NOT buy a figure if it's one I don't have and I see it on the pegs. It's a darn good thing I don't drink, smoke or do drugs! Star Wars has sucked all my addictiveness up into it's own UBERaddiction!

    ahhhhh! Feels GOOD!
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