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    Chux, that sounds about right to me.

    I specifically recall Ozzy saying that they should just take Sabbath off the ballot list. He said it doesn't matter if they are there or not, since it's not chosen by the fans.
    As for whether they would actually decline the invite . . . maybe. But I'm willing to bet that Sharon wouldn't let him pass it up.

    I watched the AC/DC segment again today, wow. :happy:

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    I've been to the R&RHOF&M in beautiful, scenic Cleveland, and to see some of the bands of today mixed in with the classics of yesteryear would be odd. And it makes you feel old to realize that your favorite bands have been in the business for a quarter of a century already!
    I wasn't aware of the 5-per-year limit. The first few years had many each year, since they had to go back about 30-40 years prior.
    Too late; I already copyrighted these parodies: Rogue Juan, Rogue Won, Rogue Huan, Rogue Wan, Rogue Obi-Wan, Rouge One, Rogue Wand.


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