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Thread: The Muppet Show

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    Originally posted by Tonysmo
    agreed - please oh please bring back the muppets.. wholesome fun. something I can watch with my son.
    The Muppets Tonight didn't work so well, ratings wise. I liked it sort of; it was in the post-Jim Henson days, so it had lost some of the charm from before. BTW, isn't there a Muppets thread in this TV section already? Or as Swedish Chef would say: morni inny unnah Muppah therny arny?
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    Rogue II is right. The Mark Hamill episode is cheesy. But it's all in good fun. I remember Mark saying, "Remember Alderan! Down with the Empire!" and C-3PO with "Oh I sprained my cellenoids!" and of course "Oh no! Dirth Nader!"

    Notes I made about the Mark Hamill "Star Wars" episode....

    - The gun prop Mark Hamill used is not one used in the movies- its a cheap mock-up. And he doesn't have a lightsaber.
    - Chewbacca didn't have his bandrolier either. I guess Lucasfilm didn't want to loan those props out.
    - That wand-looking thing that Dirth Nader (Gonzo) uses to neutralize Luke's baster is a card holder from a floral arangement.
    - Notice the Star Wars pictures on the walls of Scooter's room durring his solo.
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    Cheesy perhaps, but lightyears beyond the holiday special, according to legend
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    Re: The Muppet Show

    Disney announces Season 1 DVD for The Muppet Show

    This is the biggest news I have to counter all the Episode 3 talk going on in that other part of the forum.
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    Re: The Muppet Show

    I can one-up that one, JBF. Here's the current specs.

    The Muppet Show Season One Features
    Disney insiders have responded to my questions regarding the upcoming "The Muppet Show - Season One Special Edition" DVD box set. They now have a tentative list of features and specifications regarding the release. This is not a full details and complete list of features; but gives you a good idea of some of the major features to expect on the first set's release. Disney also states that they plan on releasing the other four seasons of the show on equally great sets, but no further information on their disc features or release is publicly available at this time.

    I'm still looking into uncovering more details; such as inclusion of the season 1 opening/closings, which pilot episode(s) to expect, what a "Muppet Morsel" really is, what is meant by "...and much more", if there will be subtitles, when will season 2 be coming, and anything else I can. I'll keep you posted as more things surface.

    The Muppet Show Season One - Special Edition

    Technical Specifications:

    2.0 Mono
    French Audio Track
    4-disc collection

    Episode Listing:

    Juliet Prowse
    Connie Stevens
    Joey Grey
    Ruth Buzzi
    Rita Moreno
    Jim Nabors
    Florence Henderson
    Paul Williams
    Charles Aznavour
    Harvey Korman
    Lena Horne
    Peter Ustinov
    Bruce Forsythe
    Sandy Duncan
    Candice Bergen
    Avery Schreiber
    Ben Vereen
    Phyllis Diller
    Vincent Price
    Valerie Harper
    Ethel Merman
    Kaye Ballard

    Bonus Feature Lisiting:

    "Muppet Morsels"
    Original Muppet Pitch Reel
    Original Pilot
    Season One Promo Gag Reel
    The Muppets' Wizard of Oz Trailer
    ...and much more!

    Retail Specifications:

    $39.99 standard retail price
    Release date: August 9, 2005

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Re: The Muppet Show

    Now if they would just release "John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together"........

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    Re: The Muppet Show

    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks
    ...The Muppet Show Season One - Special Edition

    Retail Specifications:

    $39.99 standard retail price
    Release date: August 9, 2005
    If you haven't already picked it up, it's available at Wally World for $29.94. Also out is the Muppets Wizard of Oz at $15.94.
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    Re: The Muppet Show

    We watched a couple episodes from that set on Saturday night. I DO have to say that the pilot, where Kermit is NOT the host, is most surreal.

    Miss Piggy has two different voices in the early episodes depending on who is playing her in that particular scene. Janice doesn't even sound like Janice yet. We're not sure when exactly her character "gels".
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    Re: The Muppet Show

    I picked this up the day it came out. Only watched the first disc so far.
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    Re: The Muppet Show

    That set keeps calling my name and I REALLY want to get it yet I know there is no real point so I shouldn't. Well maybe if I can find it at a used place then I'll break down and snap it up.


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