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    Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance

    Well, the crazy woman is in charge of this season thus far. WTH? Abi in charge? Really?

    I think some of the former contestants have learned their lessons and are keeping their mouths shut, aka Kass.

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    With how the exit was being hyped, I just had a feeling it would involve a family emergency, and not a Survivor injury. Glad to hear that Terry's son is doing well. But you know, the flight home had to be torturous for Terry.

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    Chaos Kass, I will miss you. You liked to stir the pot. And it was never boring with you around.

    Fishback keeps talking about making a big move. Will it happen? Dunno.

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    King Savage has fallen!

    That blindside was the season's best moment so far.

    Like her or not, but Ciera is dead on that Savage, Jeremy, Joe and Tasha are running the group. Glad Wentworth used her immunity idol and survived.

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    Well, the contestants are making some big moves. First it was Savage, now Wigglesworth. It will be interesting to see if the new alliance sticks together for longer than a week.

    And Abi's still there? Amazing.

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    Joe go boom and go home.

    It was a smart move to evict him. He had the best chance of winning it all.

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    Another season over.

    Spencer sealed his own fate when he opened his mouth during Wentworth's eviction. Spencer said he grew up from the last time he played but his little speech was a sign of arrogance and immaturity, IMO.

    Jeremy played a good game, and won when he needed to. The baby announcement might have tilted some votes in his favor.
    Tasha never had a chance of winning.

    The last few reunion shows have been disappointing. I want to hear from the people who were voted off early. Would've liked to have heard from Shirin or Peih-Gee.

    And a note to Probst: shut the hell up during the competitions. You've become more mouthy the last couple of seasons. It's annoying.

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    Hardly even heard from Woo right? I didn't pay attention too much during the reunion. Jeremy did lay it on a bit during the final tribal with Val being pregnant and everything.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!


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