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    Survivor All-stars '08

    The cast was announced on Friday.

    Good news for fans of antagonistic television. Bad news for Johnny Fairplay's grandmother.

    The Survivor: Pearl Islands schemer is one of 20 castaways tapped by CBS to battle it out on Survivor: Micronesia—Fans vs. Favorites.

    On the upcoming 16th installment of the reality stalwart, 10 all-stars will vie against 10 wannabes for the chance to outwit, outplay and outlast each other for the $1 million prize.

    Leading the list of all-stars is Jon "Johnny Fairplay" Dalton, arguably one of the series' most notorious contestants. Prior to publicly tussling with Danny Bonaduce, Dalton made headlines by conning his fellow castaways into believing his grandmother had died in order to win an immunity challenge.

    Also coming back for seconds: Vanuatu's Eliza Orlins and Amy Cusack; Panama's Cirie Fields; Cook Islands' Jonathan Penner, Ozzy Lusth and Parvati Shallow; Fiji's Yau-Man Chan; and China's Amanda Kimmel.

    The only two casts since 2004's Survivor: All-Stars not to be represented this time around are Palau and Guatemala. According to Entertainment Weekly, Palau winner Tom Westman was originally asked by producers to participate in the season but declined the offer. As a result, no previous winners are in the running.

    For his part, Fairplay is the only cast member in the current lineup who predates the previous all-star installment—something he publicly groused about at the time.

    Aside from the familiar faces, the show will again feature an Exile Island, something which was dropped from the last go-round in China in lieu of a kidnap concept.

    Another familiar element loyal viewers can look forward to: the scenery.

    Survivor: Micronesia, which wrapped production in late 2007, filmed on the Rock Islands, the same location that was used on Survivor: Palau.

    Jeff Probst will again play ringmaster as the show favorites battle with a group described by CBS as ultrafans when the show kicks off Feb. 7.

    Here's a full rundown of both tribes:


    • Yau-Man Chan, 55, Survivor: Fiji, computer engineer • James Clement, 30, Survivor: China, grave digger • Ami Cusack, 34, Survivor: Vanuatu, nanny • Johnny Fairplay, 33, Survivor: Pearl Islands, professional wrestler-reality star • Cirie Fields, 37, Survivor: Panama, O.R. coordinating nurse • Amanda Kimmel, 23, Survivor: China, fashion designer • Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth, 26, Survivor: Cook Islands, freelance photographer-writer • Eliza Orlins, 25, Survivor: Vanuatu, law school student • Jonathan Penner, 45, Survivor: Cook Islands, writer-producer • Parvati Shallow, 25, Survivor: Cook Islands, nonprofit organizer


    • Joel Anderson, 32, firefighter • Natalie Bolton, 32, bartender-personal trainer • Michael "Mikey B" Bortone, 34, aspiring writer-actor • Tracy Hughes-Wolf, 43, commercial and residential builder • Alexis Jones, 24, motivational speaker • Erik Reichenbach, 22, art student • Mary Sartain, 29, real estate, financial company owner • Jason Siska, 22, gymnastics coach • Kathleen Sleckman, 45, golf course vendor • Chet Welch, 48, pharmacy customer service

    Whose the man? Yau-Man!!

    I knew James would be back. Amanda surprises me. Figured they went straight from China to the new show and weren't home too long before the China reunion show was filmed.

    Overall, an interesting group of contestants.

    If this group was smart, the first person voted off would be Fairplay. He's an arrogant media *****.

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    I'm really looking forward to this...James...Yau-man....reminds me of the old days of Rupert and Rudy!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I haven't caught it but the TV Guide Channel is running a special about the new Survivor presently. Last season's winner is the host.

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    So, it's one team of "veterans" and one team of "noobs?" That actually sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to check it out.
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    Call me nuts, but shouldn't Survivor superfans go on, I dunno, Survivor? And not Survivor All-Stars?
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Johnny Fairplay already spinning webs.....Yao-Man is awesome, James should ditch the fluezy and concentrate on the game not his manhood.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    My first reaction was, look at those fake boobs on the beach.

    Yau-Man is the man!!!

    I thought Eliza would have more of a shiner after taking that header on the cart.

    You're right, Quack: James should focus on the game, not Parvati.

    As for the eviction....

    I think Fairplay wanted to be the first one voted off for the fame. He's just that type.

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    I haven't seen it yet, obviously, but I figured that was a given. He's too notorious. No one in their right mind would keep him around.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    LOL, thats one of the only reasons I'm watching it again this year, Parvati is great eye candy!!!

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    Mmmmm, Parvati....
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    YVH-1 head

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