We were at Target this weekend and I was looking through the DVDs. They had a series of DVDs with 3 episodes of The Muppet Show on each. Of course, I had to buy the DVD that had the episode where Luke, R2, C-3PO, and Chewbacca on it. Of course, I hadn't seen that episode since it aired waaaaaay back in the day.geez, I'm getting old

So, I popped it in and watched it with my daughter and I came up with these notes:

--Mark Hammil is a cheese ball.
--Anthony Daniels can tap-dance really well in that C-3PO costume. I was suprised he had that much mobility.
--Chewbacca was naked. He was missing his bandolier. (Chewbacca isn't that good of a dancer)

Anyway, the Paul Simon episode wasn't bad. I didn't finish watching the Raquel Welch episode...it was an interesting combo: "Stars of Star Wars," Paul Simon, and Raquel Welch.