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Thread: showertimes.

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    So, like, I was wondering, having got some advert for kellogs cornflakes stuck in my head all day, how long do people stay in the shower for? This advert is a couple of CIA agents walking down a hotel hallway and one is running through the daily routine of the third guy who we see going through his daily routine, The first guy says the third guy is regular as clockwork and spends sixty seconds in the shower then breakfast and all that crap about how long it takes the third guy to get ready. But the third guy in his hotel room is still eating cornflakes when guy one and guy two walk in the door . cue visual punchline hahaha.

    But this sixty seconds in the shower thing was what i was wanting to discuss. Sixty seconds seems like a helluva short time and i wondered if anyone actually spent that brief a time in the shower. I get in a shower and i'm there at least twenty minutes but mostly an hour. Is this abnormal behaviour? Is sixty second showers the norm? I have to know or that ad will taunt me for the rest of my days.

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    An hour seems excessive to me, but, you know, I've never actually timed myself. I bet I take a lot less longer now that I don't have long hair and a long beard. I tend to linger if it's an especially cold morning, but usually, I try to get done as fast as possible, because showering to me is one of those annoying human maintenance chores, that take up my valuable time, like sleeping, the biggest time-theif of all. I could be doing so many better things with my time than lying unconscious or scrubbing myself.
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    I stay in the shower at least 45 minutes . A shower or a bubble bath is time for MYSELF to relax without thinking about everything I have to do, or worry about gas prices or war with Iraq.

    Its one of the things that bring me pleasure(like collecting, or watching Star Wars, or reading a SW book), so when I get in there I'm going to enjoy it and not worry about time.
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    if i gotta be somewhere, 15-20 min. tops, but if i can take my time, 30-45. i like the feeling and sound of water running over my head. i like the pounding of droplets on my back. very relaxing. i might go take one now...

    yeah, there's another question - how often do you shower? generally i like to shower every day, although on some early mornings, i have to skip it to get enough sleep. i will always shower later that day.

    sometimes during the summer i shower twice a day...
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    As a rule, every other day. That might sound like i'm a filthy person but a strip wash usually does the job just as well. I'm not a sweaty person even when exerting myself. I don't have a strong body odour at all. I shower to slough off the dead skin cells with exfoliating sponges. Now here's the paradox. I'm terrified of water. this is one reason also why it's every other day. I can't have water on my face and sometimes showers totally freak me out like I'm suffocating in there. It's a fear of drowning but even standing up it can be quite crazy. I shower with my head as far away from the watewr as is humanly possible but with my body under the water. I can wash my hair in the shower by tilting my head backwards into the jet until the water hits my forehead but no further. Any water past my eyebrows and i freak.
    but standing there with water running down my body can be soothing for my back problems, tensions ease away, the heat of the water calms down angry knotted muscles. Aromatic shower gels relax me. Then i get out the shower and rigorously towel myself dry and get all tensed up again life is a cruel mistress.
    The fastest i can get a shower is fifteen minutes. I've tried but i just can't do it any faster. weird. maybe it's something to do with getting my body used to the temperature of the water, standing there with hot water on some skin and bare skin elsewhere getting cold as the steam cools around it. I mean we're in mid march now and I'm in the bathroom this morning getting a shower with a heater on full blast which raised the room temp to something like 70f and i still felt cold in the shower with hot water, almost scalding hot, raining down on me. It took ten minutes to adjust and then i washed. then i stood there for a further half hour. even when i was working at a job that required me to get up and be at work for seven am i still took as long. just weird. I don't know how anyone could take a shower in sixty seconds unless they alreadt washed.

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    Originally posted by darthvyn

    sometimes during the summer i shower twice a day...
    Ugh, tell me about it, in the humidity of Arkansas summers, a shower will last you about half an hour after you go outside.
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    When I first moved out, I was at this apt where I had to pay for the heat, and it was DAMN expensive! During colder months I would keep the thermostat down around 65 or so. When I showered, I would be in there at least 15 min's, and I would have it scalding hot so that I could get out and walk around nekkid . After awhile I'd get dressed.

    I still like scalding hot showers, but 2 things have changed. One, I don't pay for the heat here, so I keep it comfortable. Second, I can only get scalding water here by opening up the valve all the way for heavy water flow. At the first place I was able to use a "rationer" for lack of a better word, so that I could make the hot water last longer.

    As for time... 10 minutes is short for me, usually around 15. I need a couple minutes just to really relax. Working 2 jobs helps to build up some tense muscles.
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    Ugh, tell me about it, in the humidity of Arkansas summers, a shower will last you about half an hour after you go outside.
    One thing I hate during summer is when you get out of the shower and dry off, but you're still wet b/c your sweating! During those times I usually start hot, and before I wash my hair, which I do last, I cool it down.
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    15-30 minutes every morning. Don't wash my hair on Saturdays, but shampoo and condition it on Sundays. I clip my fingernails every other Sunday while in the shower as well. I also give myself a "full body wash" on both Saturday and Sunday, and clean "the essentials" on weekdays.

    Occasionally, I'll take a warm bath to meditate, but usually I just jump in the hottub outside.
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    I try to get in every day. Right now Im alone with 2 kids (until tomorrow night anyway) so time for me is limited to say the least. If I don't shower every day, I start feeling nasty, even if I'm not doing anything sweaty. I just like the smell of deoderant just put on, the hair cream my wife gets, the smell of soapy clean skin. Im not usually in more than 10 minutes, any longer than that and I wouldn't be able to get out of bed 20 minutes before work!

    Im all about the shower.



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