View Poll Results: After seeing the pics from the Collectors Event, how do you rate the Clone Wars line?

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  • It's awesome! I can't wait to get these new items!

    154 32.98%
  • It's better than I expected. I'll buy them to complete a collection.

    113 24.20%
  • Pretty decent, though I'm not that impressed. I may get some.

    99 21.20%
  • Ugggh. I dread some of the newest additions to the toy line. I'm not buying these.

    58 12.42%
  • I can't say now. I have to wait until I see them in person to decide.

    43 9.21%
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    I'm real happy to see the "cinema scenes" back!!! Thank the maker...get the whole jedi council going. Why is it March, and still hardly any '03 figures out anywhere?
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    Well this may break my completist mode, if I ever had it. For a long time I've said I only buy what I want, but I'm not sure how much of the Clone Wars stuff I want. The hailfire droid looks great and I'm sure I'll get the droid and clone muli-packs. The rest is going to be a weight and see.
    As for other EU toys I'll give my two cents. DON'T DO IT. Other then Shadows and Heir to the Empire, NJO turned me off to most EU things. I think that they would be very unpopular with everybody but collectors who like NJO.
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    A little to G.I.Joe-ish for me, but it works for toys based on a cartoon. Pretty good for EU stuff.

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    I'm looking forward to the ARC Clonetrooper, Clonetrooper Multi-packs and anything Sith (especially Ventress).
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    I am extremely excited about this line. I think the figs we have seen thus far are incredible. I am looking forward to more comics ans the cartoon to tie them all together.

    I think this line willl be very popular with the kiddos. It's a long wait for them until 2005, and this will tie it all together.

    Great work I say!!

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    I like them. I ain't got no problem with them except Durge. All the rest look great. Can't wait to see them in my cart at checkout.
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    Which one do I vote for to pass along a "cautiously optimistic" attitude?
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    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    Which one do I vote for to pass along a "cautiously optimistic" attitude?
    I'd venture a guess, that this would be what you want. "I can't say now. I have to wait until I see them in person to decide."

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    I'll have to pass on the Clone wars CRAP. I do like Annies fighter though. All the EP2 stuff looks good! I just hope we get what Hasbro has said is coming out. I might change my mind if I ever see the stuff in retail. I'd buy a lot more if Hasbro shipped more often and in larger amounts. I broke down and picked up a Shuttle, one reason was because it was easy to find.
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    This is the line that has/will revive my faith in Hasbro. At the beginning of this year, I have been somewhat turned off by them. I disliked the repacks/repaints of Eeth Koth, Rebel Trooper, Tusken Raider, Watto, Imperial Officer, Teebo, Endor Trooper. I had been spending more money and time on Toy Biz with Lord Of The Rings and Marvel Legends, Playmates with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then with Art Asylum with their Star Trek and Tony Hawk toys. But finally, I am looking forward to Star Wars toys again. I love everything about this line. Durge, Yoda, Anakin, ARC Clonetrooper, Obi-Wan, HAILFIRE DROID, Clonetrooper 3-pack, Jedi 3-pack, Droid 3-pack, Ani's Starfighter, Droid Tank, Geo Fighters. The only thing that doesn't interest me is the repaint Gunship, I already have the orig and the new paintjob doesn't do it for me. But I shall wait and see if the collector in me gets the best of me when I find it on the shelf. And can't wait to see the Sith Witch toy. I don't care if it's poseable, or a battle statue, it will be awesome. Clone Wars!!
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